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The Health of Your Houston Roof Depends On The Condition of Its Shingles

The Health of Your Houston Roof Depends On The Condition of Its Shingles

Houston is no stranger to extreme weather conditions. This is why having a healthy roof is so important to protecting your home. If you have a healthy roof, it should be able to withstand anything the weather throws its way. Unfortunately, many roofs begin to deteriorate way too early, thus requiring roof repair or a full roof replacement. This is due mostly to poor quality of shingles and shoddy workmanship. If you have asphalt shingles on your roof, here are signs that indicate your shingles may be weakened and on their last legs, even if it’s well before their expected 15- to 20-year life span:

  • Loss of granules.
  • Discoloring of granules.
  • Curled up tips causing shingles to no longer lay flat.
  • Parts of roof with patches of missing granules.
  • Cracked or brittle shingles.

Shingles are not supposed to lose granules and curl until your roof has outlived its warranty. A healthy roof typically lasts about 20 years.

Check The Condition of Your Roof Shingles With Roof Inspection

If you suspect that your shingles may be weakening, we recommend that you schedule a roof inspection with our Houston roofing company. During this inspection, one of our expert Houston roofers will inspect the condition of your shingles, as well as the rest of your roof. Upon completion of the inspection, our roofing professional will determine whether roof repair, roof replacement, or nothing at all is required. This inspection is completely free of charge with no catch or obligation. It’s just our way of helping residents of the Greater Houston area protect their homes.

Our Houston roofing contractor company uses only the best materials and expert roofers. Therefore, you can be sure any work done to your roof will be of the highest quality. If you live in the Energy Corridor, Katy, Sugar Land, or surrounding areas, contact our Houston roofing company today to schedule your free roof inspection.