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Give Your House the Christmas It Deserves

Your home serves you year-round. It protects you from the wind and rain. Keeps you warm during the cold, and, if your AC works, keeps you cool during the brutal summer months. So this Christmas season, give your house a gift it deserves: a new roof.

Christmas is only five days away, which means there’s no better time to give you and your family the gift of continued home protection. If you are experiencing roof storm damage, like cracks and breaks where wind and water are able to intrude, then you need get these issues corrected as soon as possible. These types of problems can worsen over time with more rain, wind, and flying debris.

Roof storm damage can cause these cracks and breaks, as well as missing shingles. When shingles are missing, this leaves portions of the roof interior exposed and vulnerable. This can cause damage that can affect the interior of your home, like the attic and even the ceiling. If rain seeps through the roof and onto the sheetrock, it can cause your sheetrock to collapse and can create mold. Both of these issues can be way more costly than they should be.


Our roofing experts will come out to conduct a free and thorough roof inspection. At Amstill Roofing, we want to make certain that you and your family are protected as much as possible. If there are any issues that require maintenance, we will point those out to you. Our roofing professionals will also point out issues in the roof that could cause damage, even if there isn’t any current damage. The goal is to head off these types of issues quickly before they cause further damage.

So before winter gets too crazy, contact our Houston roofing company today. Whether your home needs slight roof repairs or a complete roof replacement, we are here to provide the best roof work in Houston.