Man wrapped in blanket because roof damage causing house to feel cold

Does Your House Feel Cold? It Could Be Houston Roof Damage

We’re in for a cold weekend, with temperatures falling below freezing for much of the area in the overnight hours and staying chilly throughout the day. If you’re noticing that your attempts to cozy up inside are thwarted by colder-than-comfortable interior temperatures, it could be the result of roof damage that is causing heat to escape through your attic and roof. Keep reading to understand how roof damage may prevent your house from staying warm this winter, as well as signs that your property sustained this kind of roof damage and how to address it.

How Houston Roof Damage Causes your Home to Lose Heat

The insulation in your attic is designed to regulate your home’s temperature by keeping warmer air out during the summer and colder air out in the winter. When your insulation is improperly installed, insufficient in quantity, or damaged, it’s no longer doing its job to keep the interior of your home at a comfortable temperature. This could be due to Houston roof damage like roof leaks that could be damaging your insulation and allowing mold or moisture to develop. On the other hand, sometimes insufficient or damaged insulation can actually be the cause of your roof damage. That’s because bad insulation allows interior heat to escape, and cause ice dams in frigid weather that irreparably damage your shingles and often require the need for a Houston roof replacement.

Signs of the Kind of Houston Roof Damage that Will Keep your House Cold this Winter

If you’re having trouble warming the interior of your home during cold snaps like the one we’re experiencing now, there are a few signs that point to Houston roof damage as the likely culprit:

  1. You’re noticing leaks or condensation build-up in your attic.
  2. Your shingles are damaged, buckled, or curling. Shingles should lie flat against your roof in order to offer the protection they’re designed to provide. When they don’t, this is indicative of wind or hail damage.
  3. Missing shingles signal existing Houston roof damage, which leaves your roof exposed to the risk for further deterioration and allows heat to escape through your roof.
  4. Extra space between your roof and ceiling due to wear or improper installation. If these gaps are too wide, you may need to consider a Houston roof replacement in order to keep your property safe and maintain a comfortable interior temperature.
  5. Inadequate, damp, or discolored insulation, which can occur when your insulation gets wet from a Houston roof leak. Discoloration is especially problematic, as it is a sign of mold development, a serious health hazard.

Our Houston Roof Experts Can Address your Roof Damage and Keep you Warm this Winter

If you’re seeing any of the signs of Houston roof damage listed above, it’s time to call our Houston roof experts and schedule a free professional roof inspection. The longer these issues go unaddressed, the higher the risk for further damage. Furthermore, since these signs of roof damage are also related to poor temperature regulation inside your home, ignoring or putting off repair or replacement could leave you in the cold this winter. Give us a chance to determine the presence and extent of your roof damage and make the best recommendations for your home. Whether you’re looking at roof repairs or a full Houston roof replacement, we’re here to guide you through this process and make your home comfortable again!