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Squirrel on roof causing potential roof damage

Critter Roof Damage May Require Sugar Land Roof Replacement

When temperatures drop during these colder months, animals and other pests often look for places to get warm. The attic of your home is an especially welcoming place, which critters access in or around your roof, usually by creating an opening themselves or widening an existing weak spot in your roof’s surface. This type of critter roof damage can be severe and necessitate a Sugar Land roof replacement. 

How Critters Cause Sugar Land TX Roof Damage

Squirrels, raccoons, rats, and possums can all cause critter roof damage to your Sugar Land roofing. These animals are known to gnaw and chew along the surface of your roof, creating access to the interior of your home, where they nest, breed, and raise a larger population of pests to cause even more critter roof damage. These animals will chew through wires, insulation, floorboards, and drywall, after already causing the initial roof damage necessary to enter your home, which is now exposed to the elements. The longer this continues without intervention, the quicker you’ll need a Sugar Land Tx roof replacement. 

Signs That Critters Have Caused Sugar Land TX Roof Damage

There are many signs of critter roof damage that you should look for this time of year, and any of the following means you’re likely hosting some unwanted guests in your attic. If that’s the case, call our Houston roof experts and schedule a roof inspection to see if you need a Sugar Land roof replacement:

  • The sight or smell of droppings and/or urine 
  • Ripped air ducts in your attic
  • Shifted or disturbed insulation
  • Sounds of scurrying, knocking, squeaking, or scratching
  • Odd and unpleasant odors
  • Nests made from sticks, leaves, twigs and other natural elements

When Critter Roof Damage Warrants a Sugar Land TX Roof Replacement

The sooner you become aware of these critters’ presence in your home and the damage they may have caused, the easier it can be to remove them and make the repairs necessary to keep them out of your home. Sometimes, however, the damage they caused to your Sugar Land roofing is too severe, at which point our Houston roof experts will likely recommend a Sugar Land roof replacement. When we install your new roof, our Houston roofers will ensure there’s no place for critters to find a way back into your home.

Trust Our Houston Roof Experts With Your Sugar Land, Texas Roof Replacement

If you suspect your Sugar Land roof damage was caused by critters, call our Houston roof experts today to schedule your free inspection. Should we determine the damage is extensive enough to warrant a Sugar Land roof replacement, you can trust us to do the job with precision and pride, ensuring your home is protected for many years. We have over 40 years of experience serving Houston and its surrounding areas and would be honored to serve you and your family.