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Different roof shingle color options for Bellaire roof replacement

Bellaire Roof Replacement Shingle Color Guide

When it comes to Bellaire roof replacement, our Houston roof experts encourage homeowners to consider more than just their budget. Although budget is always important, thinking about the value a new roof will bring to your home is also important, and one aspect that may add value to your home is the color of your roof shingles. In this article, our Houston roof experts offer insight on things to keep in mind when picking the best shingle color for your Bellaire roof replacement.

How Does The Color Of Your Roof Shingles Add Value To Your Home?

Not only does color serve an aesthetic purpose, but it also affects how cool or warm the interior of your home is. In Houston, this goes a long way should you choose to sell or rent out your home. 

Roof Shingle Colors Add Beauty To Your Home

Curb appeal plays a role in the value of your home, so here are some basic design principles and tips to keep in mind to get the most beauty out of your home.

  • If your home has a uniform appearance on the outside (i.e. one color brick), then some subtle shade variations on your roof shingles will make your home more attractive.
  • For example, if your home is a lighter shade of brown (i.e. beige, tan), then laminate roof shingles that feature shades of dark brown and gray will add aesthetics and create a color scheme that works well.
  • If your home’s exterior features accents in dark brown, red, blue, or black, then roof shingles that match the exterior accent color will beautifully tie the exterior together.

Keep In Mind That The Color Of Your Bellaire Roofing Affects The Temperature Of Your Home

Although having high-quality insulation is the best way to control the internal temperature of your home, getting a boost from your roofing is always a good idea, especially in Houston’s climate! If your attic becomes overly warm due to poor roofing or poor insulation, this will cause roof rot and may require a Bellaire roof replacement long before your warranty expires.

Darker color roof shingles tend to absorb heat, which could quickly warm up your home. Lighter colors, on the other hand–or smart eco-friendly roofs–are able to reflect heat away from their surface, which keeps your Bellaire roof (and attic) nice and cool in the Houston heat. 

Amstill Roofing Takes Pride In Serving As A Guide During The Entire Bellaire Roof Replacement Process

Much like the type of roof shingles you pick for your roof replacement, paying attention to color is important as well! A lot goes into high-quality Bellaire roof replacement, and we are proud to assist our customers the entire way. We assist in selecting materials, explaining your payment options, and educating you on how to best care for your roof. If you’re considering a Bellaire roof replacement soon, please contact us for a free roof inspection so we can determine if one is necessary, discuss your needs, and make color recommendations.