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7 Reasons Why Amstill is Different, in a Better Way

1) What makes Amstill Roofing different than all the other roofing companies?

At Amstill Roofing we are a roofing specialist company. 99% of our work is residential roofing.

We are also a family owned & operated company. We are one of the oldest roofing companies in Houston. Since 1974 we have strived to do only one type of roof, the best roof possible.

What this means for you, as the homeowner:

We are not decent at many trades; but instead we are a master of one, roofing.

2) What types of materials do you use compared to other contractors?

Unlike some of our competition, we believe a quality roof requires the correct materials. Many roofers use something called a 3-tab single on the hips & ridges of your home. The life span of that shingle is 10-15 years. It doesn’t make much sense to install that style shingle, when the rest of the roof will last 22-25 years for a 30yr roof.

At Amstill we upgrade you at no charge to the high-profile hip & ridge shingle. This shingle is twice as thick will last with the entire roof system we are installing.

On our standard application we use a 30lb felt (#30). Most roofer’s use a 15lb (#15) felt on their standard application. We don’t charge you the difference; instead we give you the greater quality material to compliment your roof system.

What this means for you, the homeowner:

In Houston, as we are all familiar, its extremely humid. Felt is an essential underlayment that acts as a moisture barrier underneath your shingles. The #30 felt is a tried and true system that has been around for many years. It’s twice as thick and more durable than the #15. It compliments

For steeper homes, it is also more resilient to tearing. Believe it or not, #15 felt can tear while being applied from applicators walking on the roof when the pitch is 7/12+.

#15 is the bare minimum requirement for a roof. We are a quality company which is why we use #30 or greater. A good roof is an investment; it covers you and all of your possessions.


To put this in perspective:

Would you want to have a surgeon operate on you with bare basic instruments? Probably not.

Would you want to use regular gas on an exotic car? Probably not.

3) Roof Application Standards

Ever wonder how many nails a shingle should have in it? The answer is 4 for a basic application. Amstill requires 6, we use 6 nails per shingle giving you a 130mph wind resistant shingle application with an added warranty.

What do we charge for the extra labor, materials, and extended warranty? It’s the correct application, why would we charge you more for us to do your job correctly.

4) Landscape Protection & Cleanup

Most roofing companies do not protect your landscaping, and if they do its at the bare minimum. They might lay tarp on your shrubbery or cover a window with a piece of plywood. When using Amstill, we protect & cover everything. Here are some examples:

– Plastic covering for your pool

– Tarp covering your shrubbery

– Covering windows with solid decking so falling debris doesn’t damage them

– Covering your deck so debris doesn’t chip it.

– Our cleanups are immaculate, you wouldn’t know we were there, except for the new roof!

5) We aren’t storm chasers & we aren’t deductible buyers.

If a roofer offers to buy your deductible or that it won’t cost you a penny out of your pocket, stay away. That is insurance fraud in the state of Texas.

Some companies will offer you a new roof without paying your deductible. How do they do it?

  • Using old materials that are no longer in production or defective to save $.
  • Pick-up labor from street corners so they can avoid high labor cost.
  • Re-using all of your vents / jacks on your roof system.
  • Not providing work with warranties or insurance covered crews.
  • Giving you a lesser grade material or roof system overall.
  • Usually they are working out of a truck and the company last only as long as the storm, so they have no overhead expenses.

Who would want a roof like the one mentioned above? Not many people, but some are fooled into it. We are here to educate you & make sure you make the ethical and correct decision. Don’t support these roofers.

To put this in perspective:

When you go to the doctors office or have a surgery you always pay your portion of it, your deductible. The insurance covers the rest. There is no budging on that price and you go on with your day.

But wouldn’t it be strange if a different surgeon asked to do your surgery & told you, you wouldn’t have to pay your deductible, that the surgery would be free.

That’s a raise for concern, maybe the doctor doesn’t have insurance, its his/her first surgery, they do the operation in a hotel, or has no idea how to do the surgery.

Just like surgery with a great surgeon, your roof requires a qualified and great roofer. Not just anyone with a pickup truck!


6) Labor Warranties

Amstill provides 5-year labor warranties on re-roofs. We also provide 30-120 day warranties on repairs.

85% of roofers offer a 3-year or less labor warranty on a new roof, and very few if any offer warranties on repairs.

A longer warranty speaks for itself. We are confident in our applications, which is why we have an extended labor warranty at no charge.

7) Customer Service

We are only as good as our clients make us out to be. At Amstill, you’re not a customer; you’re a client of ours that we intend to work with for the rest of our lives.

We strive to have the best customer service in the industry. We believe on being punctual, professional, and pleasant to work with. A roofing project can be a lot to think about, let us do the thinking while you do the relaxing!