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20-Year Mark: How Old Is Your Roof?

The oil and gas industry has brought in thousands of families from around the nation and the globe. With that, the Houston area has been booming with new housing projects. Now that the oil and gas industry has hit a bit of a dry spell as of late, that has had an effect on Houston’s homebuilding. The homebuilding has slowed, but Amstill Roofing is still staying very busy. Why? Homes are always needing new roofs, especially older homes.

As one of Houston’s most trusted roofing contractors, we advise homeowners to replace their roof once the warranty is up. The Greater Houston area has approximately 7 million people, which means there are plenty of homes that need new roofs.


If your roof has reached the 20-year mark, then you really need to consider a roof replacement. Often, you can make assessments without getting on the roof. If there are missing shingles, valleys, and if the shingles seem to fade into each other, then these are signs that your roof has aged pretty dramatically.

Even if your roof doesn’t look bad from afar, it may have issues that you wouldn’t notice. We recommend having one of our trained roofing specialists conduct a free, no obligation inspection of your roof. During this inspection, we will check the strength and durability of the shingles, the plywood under the shingles, and the possibility of there being areas for standing water. Standing water can cause the roof to rot, which leads to leaks and roof damage.

Old roofs are simply that: old. They can easily start to fall apart and cause issues. The 20-year mark is a benchmark, especially for the traditional 3-Tab shingles. If it has been a long time since you’ve had a new roof, then you may want to consider receiving a roof inspection or even a roof replacement.