image of a squirrel on a roof causing central southwest houston roof damage

Central Northwest Houston Roof Repairs for Critter Damage

Your home in Central Northwest Houston is where you keep your family and your loved ones safe under one roof. What you might not know is that your roof may also be providing refuge to some uninvited guests. While some of these small animals may look cute or cuddly, they may have already caused you some critter roof damage. If you see a lot of small animal activity around your home, it may be time to call up a Houston roofer to check and see if everything is alright.

Many Types of Small Animals Cause Roof Damage That Requires Central Northwest Houston Roof Repair

Most cases involve a small animal such as a squirrel or rodent chewing through your Houston roofing to create a nook to shelter themselves or their nest. Larger pests, such as raccoons, are known to do the same but will cause much greater damage trying to get all the way into your attic. Even something as innocent as birds leaving a nest can endanger your roof and your home, as their nests act as the perfect kindling to start or spread a fire, while their acidic droppings cause harm to your roof and walls. That’s why it’s important to take action at once. When you see even the smallest sign of critter roof damage, consider scheduling an appointment with a contractor experienced in central northwest Houston roof repair.

Central Northwest Houston Roofing Damage Can Come in Many Forms

Critter roof damage is one of the most common issues in Houston roofing today. Leaving even the smallest damage unattended is not a viable option, as allowing one set of critters to nest in your roof can lead to future infestations of ever-larger and more destructive animals. Beyond the Houston roof damage, once the critters find their way inside your home, they can cause other problems, like chewing and fraying electrical wires or leaving toxins and biohazards through their waste. A phone call to your trusted Houston roofer for an inspection could help minimize such risks.

Stop and Prevent Critter Roof Damage With Central Northwest Houston Roof Repair

Even if your home is currently critter-free, any Houston roof damage your home has previously sustained can allow small animals to move in and start causing havoc. Thankfully, prevention is easy and much less expensive than allowing the problem to get worse. If you think that your home is susceptible to or has already suffered some critter roof damage, an option to contemplate would be to call our Central Northwest Houston roofing experts at Amstill Roofing. We look forward to safeguarding your roof!