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Tornadoes: Cause for Houston Roof Repair

Texas is currently the 10th least expensive state to live in the US. We enjoy the affordability of living in the South. The most expensive places in the US to live in are Hawaii, Alaska, the Northeast, and the West Coast. The South and the Midwest are the least expensive. This is all according to research conducted by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.

Texas is the 10th cheapest state in the US.

For the Lone Star State, we typically like to be #1, but for this, #10 will work. Our rise to the top of the Top 10 may be due to something we aren’t extremely happy to be #1 in: Tornadoes.

Texas has the most tornadoes in the nation.

According to the National Weather Service, we have the most tornadoes by a large sum. Even here in Houston, we are not immune to the twisters. Just this year already, we have had several impact the city.


Whether or not tornadoes actually touch down on your roof, or simply come close, there is a very good chance that it sustained storm roof damage. With strong winds ripping across the top of your home and limbs from trees smashing into the roof, the possibility of roof leaks, missing shingles, or holes is high.

At Amstill Roofing, we highly recommend that you have your insurance adjuster come out to assess the damage or the potential damage. If you would like, we can meet the insurance adjuster and assist in searching for roof damage.

We have experience in assessing roofs in the Houston area and have been protecting the homes of Houstonians since 1974. It is our hope that you never experience a tornado that close to home, but if it has happened, we want to help put your home’s roof back in perfect condition.

If you are interested in having Amstill Roofing conduct an independent inspection, we offer a free, no obligation roof inspection. Just contact us and we will send one of our highly trained roofing specialists to your home.