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Brittle damaged roof shingles during the winter, which require Tomball roof repairs

Tomball Roof Repairs You Should Get Before Winter Arrives

Winter roof damage can be a common issue this time of year, and ignoring it can lead to serious problems for your property. Roofing repair with our Houston roof experts can extend the life of your roof and also give our Tomball roofer an opportunity to assess its condition. Sometimes we discover that a Tomball roof replacement may be necessary if your winter roof damage is extensive, which isn’t something you want to put off. Even simple roofing repairs require your immediate attention or you could be dealing with more serious issues later on.

Signs of Winter Roof Damage That Requires Tomball Roofing Repair

Water Damage and Roof Leaks

Heavy precipitation is known to cause roof leaks, especially if your Tomball roofing is already damaged due to age or weather. This type of Tomball roof damage can be quite destructive if left unaddressed, leading to water damage throughout your home that sometimes isn’t noticed until it’s too late. The best way to prevent this issue is with a professional roof inspection with our Houston roof experts, who can look for signs of weak spots in your roof or evidence of existing water damage that may have gone unnoticed. 

Wind Damage

Cold fronts are often accompanied by strong winds in addition to rain. Our Houston roof experts look for signs of wind damage like buckled shingles and displaced flashing, both of which require immediate repair. Should this type of winter roof damage occur and be left unaddressed, it can expose your property to further potential Tomball roof damage or even require a Tomball roof replacement.

Clogged Gutters

Falling leaves can quickly accumulate in gutters, clogging downspouts and allowing water to pool along the roofline. When this happens, your shingles become soggy, impeding their ability to protect your home. Not only should you clean your gutters regularly, but you should also identify any roof damage that may have occurred in between cleanings so it can be addressed immediately. 

A Seasonal Inspection Can Identify the Kind of Winter Roof Damage That Warrants Tomball Roof Repair 

Our Houston roof experts recommend scheduling a professional Tomball roof inspection every six months. The arrival of cooler temps and the threat of upcoming winter storms mean that now is the best time to identify existing issues and determine if your home requires winter roof repair. Waiting until your Tomball roof damage is severe could spell trouble for you and your property. A winter roof damage inspection will determine the current state of your roof and let you know whether its condition still offers the protection you need this season. If we see the need for Tomball roofing repairs or a Tomball roof replacement, we’ll explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

Tomball Roof Damage Repairs With Our Houston Roof Experts

Only the most trusted and reliable Tomball roof repair company can stand the test of time in a competitive roofing market like ours, and our 40 years of experience speak to our ability to provide quality roofing repair. If you believe your home may have suffered the type of winter roof damage that requires Tomball roof repairs or a Tomball roof replacement, call us today to schedule a free inspection and give yourself one less source of stress this holiday season.