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Woman collecting water in bucket from The Woodlands roof leak

The Woodlands Roof Leak? Here's What To Do

An emergency roof leak is a serious matter that should never be overlooked. If you discover water inside your home during or after heavy rains, then you likely have a roof leak, which means it’s time to call a professional Houston roofer to inspect the problem and determine the best course of action to repair it. Failure to address a roof leak could result in the kind of damage that warrants a full The Woodlands roof replacement. 

The Woodlands Roof Leak Causes

Leaks are the result of an opening in your The Woodlands roofing, usually thanks to loose, damaged, or punctured roof shingles. This can occur when wind blows debris around your yard and onto your roof, animals or insects create the damage trying to gain access to your property, and/or poorly installed roof shingles. You can’t ignore this kind of roof damage or you’ll likely be looking at a complete The Woodlands roof replacement. Even if it is treated right away, our Houston roofer may deem the roof damage so severe that there’s no way to avoid a full replacement of your The Woodlands roofing. 

Tips for Addressing The Woodlands Roof Leaks

Contact our Houston roof experts as soon as you spot a roof leak. We will do everything we can to arrive as quickly as possible in order to prevent additional roof leak damage. While you wait for us to arrive, here’s what you can do to minimize damage collect as much water as possible:

  • Control the leak with stockpots, bowls, any buckets you may have, or even your outdoor trash and recycle bins, depending on how much water is leaking. 
  • If you see bulging anywhere in the walls, poking a small hole in the middle to let the leak drain is a good idea. Though it may seem counterintuitive, this gives you a chance to collect the water before it tears through your entire wall and causes more costly damage.
  • Don’t panic! This may be a stressful situation, but it’s best to remain calm so you can be proactive about handling the leak until our experts arrive and assess the extent of any Houston roof damage.

The Woodlands Roof Leak Source Must Be Found Quickly

Just because the water is coming from a corner in your walls doesn't necessarily mean that’s where it started, which can make finding the exact source of your The Woodlands roof leak very difficult. Have no fear, though! Our Houston roof experts have been helping area homeowners with their The Woodlands roof leaks for 47+ years, which means that we can determine the source of the leak better than other Houston roofers and analyze the extent of your The Woodlands roof leak damage with a free inspection.

Trust Amstill with your The Woodlands Roof Replacement if Roof Damage is Severe

If you’re reading this after discovering a leak in your The Woodlands roofing, but still haven’t called Amstill, then don’t wait any longer! Our Houston roof experts will be there to help you through this situation with as little stress and damage as possible. Call us and give us a chance to be your roof leak heroes and repair or replace your damaged The Woodlands roofing with the kind of care and precision that has helped us build our reputation as the best in the business.