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Roof shingles being installed for Sugar Land roof repairs

Sugar Land Roof Damage You Should Repair In The Fall

Fall is in full swing and so are cooler temperatures. However, please remember that we are still in the midst of the Atlantic hurricane season until November 30th, and with the storms we have experienced over the years, you may finally be in need of some Sugar Land roof repairs. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common roof repairs needed in the fall to ensure your roof is sturdy and safe.

Sugar Land Roof Leak

It’s no secret that we have experienced extensive rainfall in the last few months. In the case that you have yet to receive a Sugar Land roof inspection, chances are you may have an unnoticed roof leak. Keep in mind that leaks don’t emerge in a single day. In fact, a roof leak may start to form in your attic but dry up for a while until it re-emerges, eventually flowing out through a corner in your ceiling or through a light fixture. Unfortunately, by the time you see the leak, serious and costly damage has likely already taken place and larger Sugar Land roof repairs will be necessary.

Curled Or Dipped Roof Shingles

Your Sugar Land roof should last between 15 and 20 years, but if you have yet to get a Sugar Land roof replacement, then your roof shingles might be in less-than-ideal condition. In this case, your roof may exhibit Sugar Land roof shingle curling, or, even worse, they may have blown off, which exposes the underlying material–and your home–to even more damage. Alternatively, your roof shingles may have dipped, which allows for rainwater to settle and pool. This only further weakens your roof shingles and can quickly lead to some of the worst roof leaks we have seen.

Sugar Land Roof Wind Damage Roof Repairs

Recently, the Greater Houston Area has experienced heavy tropical storm-force winds, which are notorious for damaging your roof. These winds could be responsible for curled or missing roof shingles. Additionally, these winds can blow lawn chairs, garden decor, and debris across your roof, which can puncture it and/or tear your roof shingles off.

Much-Needed Sugar Land Roof Repairs By Amstill Roofing

If your roof is aging and/or has been through many of our past hurricanes in the last 10-15 years, then please contact us for a free Sugar Land roof inspection. In this inspection, we will thoroughly walk along your roof and determine what damage it has sustained. Following this, we can recommend whether you need Sugar Land roof repairs or a full roof replacement in order to restore your roof’s integrity.