Katy roofing repairs performed by team of expert Houston roofers

Signs you Need Katy Roofing Repairs

We’re getting a little taste of spring this week in Houston, and these warmer temperatures serve as a good reminder that spring roof damage is a very real threat. Furthermore, if you think your home may require roofing repair due to winter roof damage, you’ll want to get those tackled as soon as possible. Luckily, our Houston roof experts are here to help. We know life can get busy--especially at this time of year--but it’s important that you don’t procrastinate on Katy roof damage repairs, as unaddressed roof damage could lead to more problems down the road. What could be simple roofing repairs can quickly become more expensive Katy roof damage repairs or even a full Katy roof replacement.

Signs of Katy Roof Damage Requiring Roof Repair

  • Roof Leaks: heavy rains can drop enough precipitation on your roof to cause a roof leak. This type of fall roof damage can be catastrophic if left unaddressed, leading to water damage throughout your home. 
  • Wind Damage: Cold fronts not only bring rain, but strong winds as well. And we’ve had our fair share of cold fronts barrel through the area recently. Our Houston roof experts can attest to the frequency of repairs they’ve been completing lately, thanks to strong winds that have buckled shingles and displaced flashing. Should this type of roof damage occur, it can expose your property to the elements, resulting not only in Houston roof repairs, but also costly interior repairs.  
  • Clogged Gutters: While autumn is known for falling leaves, we experienced late freezes this season, which means many trees are still shedding their leaves and clogging gutters in the process. When this occurs, rainwater cannot flow away from your home during downpours and then sogs your shingles instead, impeding their ability to protect your home.

Our Houston Roof Experts Can Identify Katy Roof Damage with a Professional Inspection

Our current warm weather makes now the perfect time to determine if your home requires Katy roof repair. If you wait until your Katy roofing has already sustained damage, you’re putting your home at risk for more problems. We can determine the current state of your roof and let you know whether it’s strong enough to weather the elements this season. If we see the need for Katy roofing repairs, we’ll walk you through the process and answer your questions clearly and promptly.

Trust Our Houston Roofer with your Katy Roof Damage Repairs

You don’t want to spend your upcoming spring days having to deal with interior damage to your home because you put off your Katy roofing needs today.  Our Houston roof experts have over 47 years of experience providing roofing repair in Katy and surrounding areas, so call us today to schedule a free inspection. As soon as we address the extent of your Katy roof damage, we can begin the process of repairing it!