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Signs Your Spring, TX Roof Has Been Damaged by a Storm and You Need Spring Storm Damage Roof Repairs

If you live in Spring, TX then you know how rainy and stormy our weather conditions can get, especially in May as hurricane season approaches. With these storms comes roof damage, so it’s important to be aware of any signs of storm roof damage that may be present so you can address them. By catching these signs early and on time, you can seek Spring roof repairs much sooner, ensuring that you, your structure, and your family are safe.

Sign 1: Your Roof’s Warranty is Expiring

When you are first considering getting some roof repairs done, you might think back to the last time your roof was replaced. Or, alternatively, if it’s never been replaced you might think back to when you moved in and what the state of your shingles was back then. How long your shingles will last depends on the kind of shingles you used. If you’re unsure, please read our article on the different types of roof shingles we offer. This may give us some insight into the type of Spring roof repairs your home is in need of.

Sign 2: Your Shingles are Damaged

The clearest sign that your Spring, TX roof needs repairs is if your shingles are damaged. If your shingles are fine, they will lay flat and sturdy against your roof. They are a problem if they’re curling up, rotting, missing shingle granules, and/or buckling. We can evaluate the current state of your shingles by conducting a free, no-obligation inspection, in which we climb up onto your roof and take a careful look to discover all of the problem spots. Following this, we’ll recommend any Spring roof repairs necessary in order to reinforce your roof.

Sign 3: Internal Water Damage

Water damage is a good way to determine whether or not your Spring roofing has been compromised, and the best way to find out is by checking your attic. We recommend you look for water stains as well as mold and warping in the walls. Of course, we are also willing to have a look in your attic for you.

Amstill Will Conduct a Free Roof Inspection Before We Complete Your Spring, TX Roof Repairs

If you think it may be time for some Spring roof repairs, then please contact us. We will schedule a free roof inspection and then determine what Spring, TX storm roof repairs will be necessary to keep your underlying structure and loved ones safe.