Houston roofers completing Friendswood roof repairs

Signs it’s Time for Friendswood Roof Repair

Summer is heating up and the Atlantic hurricane season has officially begun, which means you need to be prepared for the threat of storm roof damage. It’s also a good time to determine if your Friendswood roofing has already sustained damage and needs to be repaired. You should entrust a reputable Houston roofer to perform a professional roof inspection and make needed Friendswood roof repairs, as unaddressed roof damage could lead to more problems down the road. Should you procrastinate and allow Friendswood roof damage to go unchecked, you could be faced with a full Friendswood roof replacement instead of simple repairs. 

Signs of Friendswood Roof Damage Requiring Roof Repair

During our professional roof inspection, our Houston roof experts may discover the following items, any of which are signs that you may need Friendswood roof repairs or even a complete Friendswood roof replacement:

Roof Leaks 

Heavy rains can drop enough precipitation on your roof to cause a roof leak. This type of summer roof damage can be catastrophic if left unaddressed, leading to water damage throughout your home. 

Wind Damage 

Should the next big storm hit the Houston area, you could be faced with Friendswood wind roof damage. Hurricanes feature the type of strong winds that buckle shingles and displace flashing. Even a brief summer storm has the ability to cause significant Friendswood roof damage,  exposing your property to the elements so you’re left to face not only Friendswood roof repairs, but also costly interior repairs.  

Clogged Gutters

Debris from trees and other loose items can quickly clog your gutters. When this occurs, rainwater cannot flow away from your home during downpours and then soaks your shingles instead, impeding their ability to protect your home. 

Assess Friendswood Roof Damage with a Professional Inspection

Summer is the perfect time to determine if your home requires Friendswood roof repair. Putting off this important aspect of home maintenance leaves your home at risk for more problems. We can determine the current state of your roof and let you know whether it’s strong enough to weather the elements this hurricane season. If we see the need for Friendswood roofing repairs, we’ll walk you through the process and answer your questions clearly and promptly. 

Trust Our Houston Roofer with your Friendswood Roof Damage Repairs

Don’t spend your summer vacation spending your time tackling interior damage to your home because you didn’t address your Friendswood roofing needs. Our Houston roof experts have over 47 years of experience providing many satisfied customers with Friendswood roof repairs and Friendswood roof replacements, so call us today to schedule a free inspection. As soon as we address the extent of your Friendswood roof damage, we can begin the process of repairing it!