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Schedule Roof Repair or Roof Replacement During Summer Vacation

Schedule Roof Repair or Roof Replacement During Summer Vacation

Now that summer is upon us, the kids are out of school and the vacation you and your family have been planning all year is just around the corner. A great time to have our expert roofers work on your roof is while you and your family are away on vacation and the house is empty. At Amstill Roofing, we promise to finish all projects in no more than two days, with most projects being completed in one day.


Roof repair and roof replacement can be a noisy affair. Sounds such as: workers walking back and forth on the roof, nails and screws getting hammered into wood, and buzzing power tools do not make for a peaceful environment. However, these things are necessary to ensure that you get the best roof. This is why scheduling your roof repair or roof replacement for when  you are away is a good idea. With the house empty, no one will be around to have to deal with the noise. You can be sure that we will complete our high-quality work quickly and safely while you are away.

Family owned and operated since 1974, our roofing company has built a reputation based upon honesty and transparency. Our integrity is what led us to becoming Houston’ most trusted roofer, and all of our clients feel secure in knowing that they can always count on us to do the best job, even while they’re away.


Our Houston roofing company specializes in making the customer feel safe and at ease. We employ only the best and most experienced Houston roofers to quickly and professionally take care of all your roofing needs. Therefore, while you’re away on vacation, you can concentrate on having a great time, knowing that you’ll be coming home to a beautiful and strong new roof. Contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection, roof repair, or roof replacement.