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Get the Roof Repair You Need from a Trusted Houston Roofer

When it comes to roof repairs, you need a trusted roofer. At Amstill Roofing, we only send the best to Houston homeowners. We know that our clients want quick and high quality work, which is why we ensure that every roofer on our roofing contractor team is highly skilled and understands that our business stands by its reputation of being Houston’s most trusted roofing company.

Each roofer on Amstill’s team is an expert and has experience dealing with all types of roofing problems. One of the most common problems our roofers experience are issues that arise from roofs that are past their life cycle. Old roofs are more susceptible to damage and can lead to major problems overall for a home.


Typically, roofs last about 20 years, although we do offer roofing materials that can last more than 50 years (like architectural shingles). When shingles get old, they become brittle and weak. Facing harsh weather can make them break or peel off the roof, leaving the roofing structure vulnerable to bigger problems.

Visually, it is often easy to see if a roof is getting to old because the colors of the shingles are greatly faded. (It’s also pretty easy to know when you look at the purchase receipt from the 1990s.) This is often a tell-tell sign that your shingles need to be replaced. Getting a roof replacement is a much easier than trying to continually address roof repair situations. It is also much more cost effective because although a roof repair may address the individual problem, it doesn’t change the age of your roof. That being said, once the roof repair is complete, the need for a roof replacement doesn’t go away.


There is no better time to get your roof repaired or replaced than right now. And there is no better roofing company in Houston to choose than Amstill Roofing. We have been providing excellent roof work for Houstonians since 1974. We look forward to providing you the same. Contact us today.