Roof Leak Repair in Houston This Spring

Roof Leak Repair in Houston This Spring

We are now well into February, and although spring doesn’t officially start until later in March, Houston’s weather is a little different. With our recent rain and the rain we are sure to receive more and more as we near March, leaking roofs are anticipated and so are the number of negative consequences that follow.

What Can Cause a Roof to Leak?

Although leaks may seem sudden, they are anything but. A leaking roof in Houston could be caused by poor shingle installation, which leaves space for the rain to make its way underneath them and into the house. They may also occur due to an aging roof, which is covered in shingles that are too old to provide sufficient protection. A third cause of a roof leak, which occurs more often during hurricane season, is flying debris. When there are strong winds, yard debris, and even furniture and decore float up into the wind and can easily land on your roof, puncturing it and allowing for rain to seep through your roof.

Where Should You Check For a Leak?

Just because you spot a leak in one spot does not always mean that is where the leak originated, but there are a few places you can check. The first place we recommend checking is your attic. Since water will flow in all directions until it finds a way out, you may also benefit from checking light fixtures and corners.

Contact Amstill Roofing, The #1 Roofing Company in Houston

If you notice a leak, please contact our roofing experts immediately so that we can complete a thorough roof inspection, free of charge. During our free inspection, we will climb onto your roof and take a careful look at your shingles and flashing to determine if there are any areas that have been poorly installed or are severely damaged with cracks, missing granules, curling, and/or buckling.

Amstill Roofing Completes Emergency Roof Leak Repair for Houston-Area Homes

A leak can quickly become severe if unaddressed. We want to help you avoid insulation damage, wall damage, and rotting, so the sooner we deal with a leak, the better for your home and your family. This is why we do our absolute best to complete repairs within a single day.