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Have a Roof Leak in Your New Houston Home? Amstill Roofing Can Help

Have a Roof Leak in Your New Houston Home? Amstill Roofing Can Help

Summer is the busiest time for home builders and realtors, as many homeowners try to sell their houses at that time of year so they can move to a newer, smaller, or bigger home. For roofing companies like ours, though, late summer and all throughout fall are the busiest times of year because of all the storms that take place in Houston. Have you recently moved to a new, upgraded home in the last few months and experienced a leak?

Poor Shingle Installation

Usually, when you move into a house that used to belong to someone else, the previous owners make sure to update it in some way or another. If they lived in it for ten, fifteen, twenty, or even thirty years, they will likely replace the roof right before listing the house. This is especially true for Houston homeowners, who are all too familiar with the crazy storms we get between summer and fall.

However, there have been instances where our customers move to a new home with an updated roof and experience a leak shortly after settling in. This is usually due to poor shingle installation. Don't worry though, our Houston roofers at Amstill Roofing can fix it.

Get a Free Roof Inspection by Amstill Roofing After a Storm

If you notice a leak in your new house's roof during a storm, be sure to deal with roof leaks ASAP. We will stop by as soon as we can and complete a free roof inspection. During our inspection, we will climb onto your roof and take a careful look at your shingles. We'll keep an eye out for any shingles that were improperly installed and let you know what we've found. Afterward, we will schedule another day to come by and complete the necessary repairs and/or replacements.

Amstill is Available For All Your Houston Roof Repair Needs

Our experienced crew can complete any necessary repairs or replacements within a single day. We'd also like to recommend that once your roof is fixed, you regularly clean out your gutters, trim any nearby trees that hang over your roof, and get regular roof inspections completed by our highly-skilled eyes at no charge. Please contact us if you suspect your roof shingles were poorly installed so that we can keep you, your family, and the rest of your home safe and secure.