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Storm clouds form over home, causing potential Houston roof damage

Reinforce Your Roof with Houston Roof Repairs After Recent Storms

Spring is almost over, but that doesn’t mean the storms that accompany the season are slowing down anytime soon. While the rain may be good for our lawns and gardens, spring storms are notorious for causing Houston roof damage near me because they often feature conditions like strong winds, heavy rain, and hail. When the sky cleared after our most recent bout of severe weather, many homeowners discovered they were in need of Houston roof repair near me. Should your Houston roofing require attention, it’s best to handle it immediately or you could  leave your home susceptible to more damage when the next storm rolls in. Here, our Houston roof experts share the most common Houston roof repairs they make in the spring, as well as how to identify the types of Houston roof damage that indicate they are needed. 

Signs of Houston Roof Damage Near Me Common in Spring

If you’re seeing any of the following signs of Houston roof damage, it’s time to call our Houston roofer immediately to correct the issue with the time-tested perfection of Houston roof repair near me:

Roof Leaks

A Houston roof leak is often caused by heavy rains collecting in a low spot on your roof. If our most recent storms are any indication, downpours can be quite intense during the spring months, a Houston roof leak near me can be catastrophic. Sometimes roof leaks are easy to spot, but sometimes they can remain hidden until you notice water dripping from a ceiling or trickling down your walls. If you notice a roof leak, call our Houston roof experts right away. The honor, integrity, and strength we bring to every job we execute can prevent the roof leak from damaging the interior of your home further.

Broken Shingles

The strong winds of spring storms can get underneath the shingles of your Houston roofing, causing them to break, curl, or tear off completely. The older your roof, the worse this Houston roof damage will be. A professional Houston roof inspection can determine if you require Houston roof repairs for damage caused by strong winds.   

Shingle Divots, Bruises, and Cracks

Because air close to the earth’s surface is warmed during the spring months, but the air high up in the storm clouds is still cold, hail roof damage is common this time of year. Upon impact, hail leaves divots, bruises, and cracks on your shingles and damages the membrane beneath the top layer of asphalt, rendering your shingles ineffective at protecting your home.

Critter Roof Damage

Small animals and pests could seek refuge in your attic to nest and reduce exposure to the elements during the spring. Critters can cause Houston roof damage by gnawing and chewing on your roofing components in an effort to gain access to the attic underneath, so call our Houston roofer if you hear or see signs of a pest problem.

Common Houston Roof Repairs Needed in the Spring

Spring storms pose a serious threat to your Houston roofing and are known to cause significant Houston roof damage. The most common repairs after severe storms like the ones experienced recently include repairing leaks and replacing damaged shingles and siding. The best way to know if your Houston roofing requires repairs is with a free professional roof inspection by our Houston roofer.. 

Houston Roof Repair Near Me with Amstill

Hopefully our Houston roof  experts have imparted the importance of addressing any needed Houston roof repairs as soon as possible. If you’re looking for the best Houston roofer near me, consider that Amstill has been performing Houston roof repairs and Houston roof replacements for nearly 50 years, making us the most trusted company in the local area. Call us to schedule your free roof inspection and keep your family and your home secure, rain or shine!