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Houston roofing contractor nailing roof shingles for Pearland roof repair

Reinforce Your Pearland Roof To Reduce Roof Damage

With Tropical Storm Beta’s heavy rain that has hit us over the past few days, you might be wondering if your roof can withstand it and other storms that may form from now until the end of November. Our Pearland roofer recommends reinforcing your roof in order to reduce the amount of damage it could sustain through the remainder of the hurricane season. 

The First Step To Reinforcing Your Roof Is Getting A Free Pearland Roof Inspection

We can’t reinforce your roof if we don’t know what needs to be reinforced. First, we’ll conduct a thorough roof inspection. Our Houston roofing contractor has over 40 years of roofing experience, so you can rest assured that we’ll spot any signs of Pearland roof damage that need to be addressed. We’ll inspect your roof shingles, your gutters, and your siding, and we may also conduct an internal inspection in your attic. Once we determine all of the areas that have sustained roof damage, we can proceed with Pearland roof repairs.

Roof Repairs That Will Reinforce Your Pearland Roof

Wind Damage

Tropical storms are harmful to your roof because they may bring excessive winds in addition to rain. These winds are strong enough to blow lawn decor and even some light outdoor furniture, which can puncture your roof. Winds can also cause your roof shingles to curl or fly off of your roof, which can be undetected for long periods of time unless you get an inspection. If winds didn’t directly damage your roof, keep in mind that critters can damage your roof as a way to gain access through it into your attic. 

Pearland Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks typically follow wind damage, especially if your shingles have been punctured. Your Houston roof shingles should last an average of 15-20 years even if it has been damaged, but if you have never had a Pearland roof replacement, then they might be in less-than-ideal condition. Unfortunately, roof leaks may go unnoticed until they’re severe, so it’s crucial that through our inspection we spot the beginning of a leak.

Amstill Roofing Is Prepared To Meet Your Pearland Roof Repair Needs In One Day

As Houstonians, we know that storm damage is serious and puts your house and your family at risk. Because of this, we want to make absolutely certain that your roof can handle whatever damage any future storms bring so you and your family can feel safe and secure. You don’t want to wait until devastating damage has taken place on your roof before you reinforce it, so please contact us so we can schedule a roof inspection. After inspection, we can complete Pearland roof repairs within a single day’s work.