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New Bill Aims to Regulate Roofing Contractor Industry

New Bill Aims to Regulate Roofing Contractor Industry

Texas is known for unforgiving and severe weather that can wreak havoc across the state. Anyone who has been through Hurricane Harvey or storms carrying golf ball-sized hail can attest to this fact. The damages these storms inflict on homeowners has millions of dollars in storm damages, most noticeably roof repair and roof replacement.

Roofing Contractors: An Unregulated Industry

The roofing industry is currently an unregulated industry, thus leaving vulnerable homeowners open to being scammed.

Recently, a new bill was filed in hopes of changing the way roofing contractors are regulated in Texas. Looking to protect consumers, House Bill 2101 was filed by State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, which requires roofing companies to register with the state.

The bill would also create a state website that allows the consumer to check the credentials of a roofing company, and to see if they are legally able to do business in the state of Texas. The bill also calls for a $250 price tag to register for the first two-year term, and $100 to renew. This helps prevent issues such as the one that occurred immediately after Hurricane Harvey from happening again, where hundreds of roofing companies suddenly appeared, selling their services to desperate and confused home owners, only to make off with thousands of dollars without ever doing any work.

Through this bill, the homeowner can easily log online, check the registration number of the roofing company standing in front of them, and check their credentials.  

A Houston Roofing Company You Can Trust

Amstill is aware of the fact that there is tremendous distrust in the roofing industry. This is why our team makes it a point to be an honest roofing company above and beyond reproach. Not only do we look to help protect your family with a perfect roof, we educate you every step of the way throughout the entire process. Therefore, regardless of whether the aforementioned bill passes or not, you can be sure that with Amstill, you are getting a roofing company built on transparency and integrity.

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