In Need of a Friendswood Roof Repair Due to the Rain? Amstill Roofing Can Repair it in One Day!

In Need of a Friendswood Roof Repair Due to the Rain? Amstill Roofing Can Repair it in One Day!

April’s showers have certainly brought May flowers, but we still expect to see some rain and hail this month, especially as we come closer to Houston’s Atlantic Hurricane Season. Because of the past rain and even the past hailstorm that hit parts of Houston, your roof may have sustained some unseen damage. Although this can harm your home and your family, Amstill Roofing is prepared to fix it. Here's how rain may have damaged your roof over the years.

Shingles are Your Home’s First Line of Defense

When it comes to your roofing, we work in layers. Your shingles are the outermost layer, so they are meant to take on the damage from weather events so that the underlying roofing maintains its structural integrity.

Accumulated Rain Causes Weakened Shingles

In Friendswood, your shingles last about 10 years, on average. But during those 10 years, your home endures hurricanes, wind, and rainstorms. Over time, this gradually weakens your shingles until it’s time for some roof repairs or a full roof replacement. Shingle weakness can be assessed by examining the shingle granules, but buckling is another sign of roof damage. Buckled shingles are those that appear to have sunk or dipped in the center, which allows water to settle for long periods of time. This brings on problems with mold and bacteria growth and, of course, severe roof leaks.

Friendswood Roof Leaks

When shingles are this weak and compromised, rainwater will easily find a way to flow into your home. Unfortunately, leaks may be present before you even notice them, which enables them to build up inside your attic and the walls before it finally finds an opening. Roof leaks are often spotted through light fixtures or corners, but by the time they are seen, they may have already inflicted damage on your structure.

Our Houston Roofing Company Will Complete a Friendswood Roof Repair in One Day 

If you suspect your roof has suffered rain damage over the years, then please contact us for a free roof inspection. This inspection gives us a chance to fully assess the damage and adequately plan for a repair so your roof is as good as new. With our 40+ years of experience, we will be able to complete your Friendswood roof repair within a single day so you can feel safe and secure in your home.