Houston roofer completing roof repairs for hurricane season

Hurricane Season Reinforcement With The Woodlands Roof Repair

When it comes to reinforcing your roof for hurricane season, the best time to do it is now. All homeowners in The Woodlands know that hurricane season roof damage is a real threat to their safety and to the structural integrity of their property. High-speed winds and strong rains can completely destroy a roof that has not been maintained properly. To prevent spending thousands of dollars in the aftermath of a hurricane, start reinforcing your roof today with the help of a Houston roofing company.

Start With the Basics

Before focusing your attention on your roof’s shingles, the first thing you can do is routine maintenance to prevent The Woodlands roof damage. This involves cleaning roof gutters and making sure they are free from any debris, such as leaves and branches. You also need to clear out your downspouts and valleys. When these areas are blocked by debris, water will overflow. During hurricane season, high volumes of water will definitely overflow from blocked gutters, causing water damage inside and outside your home.

Trust Professional Roof Experts

While it’s true that some roofs survive major hurricanes, some aren’t as lucky. These roofs are usually the result of subpar workmanship or lack of regular maintenance. When in doubt of previous work done on your roof, contact Houston roof experts to do thorough inspections. They can recommend proper reinforcement on areas you did not think were vulnerable to hurricane season roof damage. Roofing companies pay special attention to the edge of your roof, fascia, and soffit boards, ensuring that they are secure before a hurricane comes.

Reinforce Your Shingles

Not all roof shingles survive their lifespan equally. Even if they were installed at the same time, some shingles will outlast others. For those shingles that have come lose or show cracks, it’s time to nail them down before they get blown away by hurricane winds. If there are weak shingles during a storm, this could affect your entire roof. For added security, you can also apply roofing cement around your edges so your shingles maintain a firm grip. If you need help reinforcing your shingles, contact a trusted roofing company for The Woodlands roof repair services.

Reseal Your Flashing

Roof flashing is a flat, usually metal material that keeps water from entering openings in a roof. It plays a key role in keeping water out of your house, so naturally, it must be reinforced in time for hurricane season. If there are gaps in your flashing or some rotting, chances are, there will be leaks when it starts to rain. Reinforcing or replacing your flashing is an important safety precaution for hurricane season, so it’s best to have it professionally done by a Houston roofer.

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