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Is Your Houston Home In Need of Roof Repair?

With the new year comes another year of crazy Houston weather. Our city is known for putting just about every type of weather condition on our doorstep (sans the earthquakes). We even had snow this past December.

Intense weather conditions is the source for the most damage to roofs. From heavy winds to sleet and rain, Houston roofs take a pounding. If your roof has suffered from a recent storm or has missing shingles, then our roofing experts can quickly fix the problem with a roof repair.

There are a lot of different roofing issues that can require a roof repair. Here are some of the more common roof repair issues:

  • MISSING SHINGLES: Missing shingles are the most common issue because there are so many on a roof and they can happen for many reasons. Some of the reasons stem from inclement weather, rusted nails, falling limbs on the roof, or the age of the shingles.
  • LEAKS: If you have been a Houston homeowner for any period of time, then chances are you’ve experienced a roof leak. This issue needs to be addressed quickly because the leak could do further damage to the interior of your home, like creating mold in the attic and possibly getting to your ceiling and creating a collapse.
  • BREAKS: Breaks to the roof can cause major problems to your entire home. This happens when something heavy hits the roof, like a large tree limb.

Whenever your roof experiences any of these issues, contact Amstill Roofing for roof repairs. Taking care of these problems will ensure that the problems won’t increase. A roof repair typically will take a short amount of time and won’t cost very much, especially if you use your homeowners insurance. Our Houston roofing experts are looking forward to helping you protect your home.