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Torn roof shingles due to Cypress roof wind damage

Fall Wind Damage Roof Repairs For Cypress Homes

Fall is a windy time for us here in Houston, thanks to the many storms that take place in the gulf at this time of year. In this roofing article, we will talk about some Cypress wind damage roof repairs you might need and why.

How Does Wind Damage Your Cypress Roof?

Wind damage causes a lot of damage, but much of it boils down to debris. Strong winds, like those we experience in the hurricane season, are notorious for tossing around garbage, lawn decor, and other debris that has been lying around (twigs, leaves). This debris affects your roof in two ways:

Puncturing Your Roof Shingles

When debris punctures your roof shingles, this opening easily creates a space for rainwater to flow into your home. During a heavy downpour, water will inevitably make its way into your attic, and while it’s there, (before it makes its way out through a corner or a light fixture) it could soak into your roof insulation. Roofing insulation that has been damaged by water may become compromised, which could also lead to higher energy costs.

Clogged Gutters

Your gutter system is meant to collect rainwater so that it can flow away from your home through the downspouts. Wind tends to blow debris into the gutters, which clogs them to a point where they can’t do their job anymore. When this occurs, rainwater settles and creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mold while also soaking water back into your roof shingles, softening them, and rendering them useless in protecting your structure.

Missing Shingles

Though not caused by debris, winds during the hurricane season are strong enough to rip your shingles off of your Cypress roof, which leaves the underlying foundation exposed to accompanying rains. Heavy rains mean the underlying foundation is soaked and softened, which could cause mold, structure rotting, and severe leaking in your home that may go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Cypress Roof Repairs For Wind Damage

If your roof has sustained any of these consequences of Cypress roof wind damage, then you will likely need some repairs in order to replace the affected roof shingles and reinforce your existing roofing. In most cases, Cypress roof repairs will suffice, but in other cases, the damage is so severe that a Cypress roof replacement is in order. The best way to find out what your roof needs is to contact us for a free Cypress roof inspection. After the inspection, we will determine whether your home would benefit from Cypress roof repairs or Cypress roof replacement.