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5 Common Causes of Houston Roof Damage and How to Repair Them

Houston roof damage comes in many forms and must be repaired immediately. Whether your roofing problem was caused by nature or human error, you need to protect your home from potential safety risks. Here are 5 common reasons why homeowners would need a roof repair.

Hot Weather

Living in Texas means dealing with a warm climate that can greatly affect your roof. Extreme heat causes Houston roofing materials to expand and stretch. Although different types of shingles were designed to withstand heat, they can still take a beating from years of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Strong Storms

Thunderstorms can occur in Texas in combination with high winds and sometimes, even hail. Constant impact causes Houston roof damage that can either be obvious or only visible to the trained eye. Water damage is one of the most common issues our Houston roof experts deal with on a daily basis. 

Lack of Maintenance

Some homeowners may not have the time or knowledge to conduct regular maintenance on their roof. As a result, their roof is more vulnerable to environmental damage. If you’re unable to maintain your roof, you can still inspect it from the ground. It would be better to educate yourself on tell-tale signs of roof damage so you know when to call for help.

Old Age

Even the most well-maintained roof can show signs of distress once it’s past its prime. If you have a roof nearing the end of its lifespan, you may need more repairs than usual. Make sure to check your records if you think your roof may need a repair service soon.

Improper Installation

We often see Houston roof damage on relatively new properties. Why does this happen? It can be attributed to poor installation as well as low-quality materials. When choosing a roofer for your next project, do your research on their track record.

Repair Your Roof With the Help of Professionals

Some homeowners will try to do Houston roof repair by themselves. Although you can patch up your roof temporarily, it would still benefit you to contact professionals. First of all, this ensures your safety. We don’t recommend you go up to your roof yourself. Next, when you hire experts, you can be assured of a flawless job done right the first time around. You’re actually saving money by investing early on to prevent long-term damage. Contact Amstill Roofing for a thorough inspection to make sure all your roofing components are in top shape. We are your one-stop shop for all your roof repair needs.

Solve Houston Roof Damage With Amstill Roofing

Keep your roof in the best shape possible through Amstill Roofing’s time-tested perfection. Our family-owned and operated business has been providing Houston roofing services since 1974. We demonstrate honor, integrity, and strength in the thousands of roofs we work on every year. Contact us to solve your Houston roof damage!