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How to Use Your Home Insurance For Roof Repairs and Replacement

How to Use Your Home Insurance For Roof Repairs and Replacement

Roof replacement should be done every 20 years or so. The type of shingles you use will dictate whether you should replace your roof before 20 years, or if it can last even beyond that. In between replacement, though, repairs will be needed in order to ensure you aren't replacing it before its lifespan comes to an end. When you need roof replacement or roof repairs, going through your insurance is very helpful. Here are the steps we recommend you take when it comes to working with your insurance to meet your roofing needs.

Step 1

First and foremost, we recommend getting a free roof inspection by our roofers so that they can fully assess the damage that your roof has undergone. It is also helpful to read through your insurance policy in order to better understand how much coverage you can get. In general, roofs that are less than 10 years old may be fully covered by your insurance if you need to repair or replace it. 

Step 2

Second, we recommend you contact your insurance company and file a claim for the desired repair or replacement. Keep in mind that your insurance company will likely want extra documentation, so make sure you take photos while your roof is still in-tact and save those for when you need to fix it. This, in addition to our reliable and well-trained roofing inspectors, will only strengthen your claim.

Step 3

Once you have filed a claim, your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster who will complete their own roof inspection so that they can give you and the company a cost estimate. We highly encourage you to schedule a time slot for the inspection to one in which both the adjuster and our own inspectors can attend. This way we can ensure the adjuster doesn't miss anything and offers less coverage than you need or deserve. Additionally, since we offer inspections for free, you won't be adding any more costs to account for. 

Amstill is the Company For All Your Houston Roofing Needs

If you suspect your roof is in need of repairs or a replacement, please contact Amstill Roofing today so that our Houston roofers can conduct a free roof inspection and help get you started on the repair or replacement process. Once your claim is approved, we will schedule a day to complete repairs and bring all the necessary supplies. Most of our roofing projects are completed in one day and we promise to never over-charge or complete unnecessary repairs.