With the seasons changing, it’s a great idea to get a brand new roof replacement if your roof has undergone extensive storm damage from past hail or rain storms, and/or if your warranty is expiring. A roof replacement is the best way to ensure you, your family, and the rest of your house’s structure are protected. Our Amstill Roofing crew in Houston offers three kinds of shingles to Houston, Katy, and Sugarland, as well as other neighboring suburbs. Read on to learn the differences between each type in order to make an informed decision about which kind you should use for your roof replacement this fall.

Traditional 3-Tab Shingles for Proven Roof Protection

3-tab shingles are by far the most common and basic type. They are what comes to mind when you think of rooftop shingles. They are made of fiberglass, which is lightweight and inexpensive, and are covered with granules on top which creates a natural, multi-tone appearance on your home. These granules not only add a nice appearance, but they also provide an extra layer of protection, so when a hailstorm or heavy winds take place, the granules become your roof’s first line of defense. These will typically last 20 years. Keep in mind that their lighter weight makes them prone to blowing away when faced with strong winds, such as the ones we experience during Houston’s hurricane season.

Laminate Shingles for Layered Roof Protection

Laminate shingles are much like 3-tab shingles, but they are enhanced with an extra layer or two of thickness. This means they can withstand rougher weather conditions for a longer period of time, about 30 years, actually. This makes them a more enticing option.

Architectural Shingles for Ultimate Roof Protection

Architectural shingles are of the highest-end options. These are thicker and heavier labs, which is the key to longer-lasting protection. Additionally, they are made to look very intricate in design, which creates the most aesthetic appearance for your roof. Architectural shingles typically have a warranty of about 50 years to life.

Amstill Roofing Offers a Variety of Houston Roof Replacement Shingles for Your Needs

If your rooftop warranty is about to expire or you’re worried about the damage your roof has sustained from hail or rainstorms, please contact us so that we can complete a free inspection. After the inspection, we will advise you on what type of shingles meet your needs for safety and appearance.

If you read our blog about how Houston’s upcoming winter weather can affect your rooftop, then you may be wondering how your current shingles are holding up. Most roofs last ten to fifteen years, but this also depends on the type of rooftop shingles you use. You will want your roof to be in tip-top shape so you don’t need to undergo an early replacement. The best way to do this is to schedule a seasonal inspection.

Get Your Roof Inspected Between Seasons to Avoid Early Roof Replacement

Our trained roof inspectors recommend free inspections at least twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, since the weather is more mild at this time. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t still inspect your roof for free during the summer and winter.

We understand that some may prefer to slightly prolong an inspection, just to ensure that nothing occurs between an early inspection and the colder temperatures that await us in the late winter. However, this is counterintuitive. If you prolong your inspections, you may allow once minor issues to become severe and even dangerous, eventually leading to greater problems such as multiple leaks, mold, and rotting plywood. If this is the case, then a replacement is absolutely necessary to protect you and your family. To avoid this, it’s best to get a roof inspection as early as possible and as often as you feel comfortable.

Protecting Your Investment

Although regular professional inspections are necessary, we also recommend you keep an eye on your roof from afar. No need to climb onto your roof–that’s what our inspectors do. However, you can still keep an eye on your shingles from below and check for any curling. We also recommend you keep an eye out for cracks and buckling as the weather becomes colder.

Contact Our Houston Roofers for a Free Roof Inspection Today

We take roof integrity seriously here at Amstill Roofing, which is why we offer free roof inspections whenever you need them, so please contact our experts for your next inspection. We will ensure your roof maintains its integrity so that the rest of your house can as well.

As we move closer to winter, we want to make sure your Houston roof provides the level of protection that you, your family, and the rest of your home require. You want to be completely sure that your roof is doing its job well, which is why we recommend you get a seasonal inspection before winter officially begins. While some of our customers may not feel the need to worry about Houston's mild weather, the truth is that even our winters can bring water, hail, and wind damage that can compromise your roof.

How Houston's Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

Our winters may not bring blizzards, but your roof can still experience water, hail, and wind damage.

Water and Hail Damage

Freezing rain may not seem like much, but it can cause some serious damage. As rain becomes icier on the colder days, it can set on your gutters and create blockage, which gets in the way of the water your gutters are meant to re-direct away from your roof and siding. On days when Houston experiences heavier rain, it can weigh down your roof and cause cracks in your shingles. As water melts, it could potentially flow into your shingles and cause severe leaks and mold.

Although hail damage is more common between May and September, hail actually forms in storm clouds when those clouds are at or below freezing, which can easily occur during the winter months. Keep in mind that hail only needs to be the size of a quarter to cause substantial damage to your roof.

Wind Damage

Not many Houstonians look forward to the harsh, cold winds we experience at times. If your shingles haven’t been thoroughly checked on, these winds can find their way beneath shingles that have loosened or weakened over time and then blow them off of your roof. One lost shingle creates a chain reaction, and soon the neighboring shingles may also come loose and blow away, compromising the integrity of your entire roof.

Free Roof Inspections Are The Best Measure You Can Take To Extend Your Roof's Life

All of our inspections are free, so you can get them whenever you want as often as you need them. Please contact us so that we can carefully assess your rooftop’s integrity. Our experienced inspectors will determine whether your roof can handle the Houston winter weather, and they will also catch the more subtle signs of aging or damage so we can help ensure your family’s safety.

Houston may not be the windy city, but we do get our fair share of aggressive winds during the fall when storm season takes place, as well as in the winter when it gets colder outside. These occasional fall winds, though, can be very damaging. Here’s how.

How Can Wind Damage Your Houston Roof?

When it comes to wind damage, most of it has to do with debris. Strong enough winds can toss around garbage and your seasonal lawn decor, which can end up on your roof and puncture it. A punctured rooftop also allows outside air to seep into your home, which will leave you with a hiked up energy bill.

Some of our customers overlook the fact that excessive wind can make shingles more prone to coming loose and blowing away. Once one shingle is lost, it’s quite easy for the neighboring shingles to blow away as well, and missing too many shingles exposes your roof to structural damage, water damage, rot, and even mold.

Weaker winds can blow leaves and twigs onto your roof that collect in your gutters, weighing them down and clogging them. Gutters are meant to collect rainwater so that it can flow away from your home. When gutters are clogged they can’t do their job, and instead, the rainwater settles and creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. To make matters worse, if the water level gets too high, then it will have no choice but to flow back into the roof shingles, which can very quickly cause buckling, breakage, and leaks.

Get a Free Seasonal Roof Inspection

A sure way to find out if your house has sustained wind damage is by contacting us for a free roof inspection. When we conduct our inspection, we will carefully check the integrity of your roof and determine if a repair is needed.

Amstill Roofing Is Here for all Your Roof Repair Needs

If after we complete a roof inspection we determine that a repair is necessary in order to keep your roof lasting for years to come, then we will discuss financing options and schedule a repair day. With our experienced crew, we can complete most repairs within a single day. 

It seems this fall is one of the colder ones the greater Houston area has experienced, and we have also had quite a fair share of strong storms. It's safe to say that this year, Houston weather has wreaked havoc on its homes. As it gets colder, it's a good idea to look back and determine how long you've had your roof for. With holiday season approaching and lights and ornaments going up on your roof soon, you'll want to be sure it will withstand the season's decorations and colder weather.

Is It Time For A Houston Roof Upgrade? Get A Free Inspection

On average, your roof can last about 10 to 15 years, but it can last even longer, depending on which shingles are laid over your rooftop. If it's been about 10 years, then it's likely time for a roof replacement and for you to get a roof inspection. At Amstill Roofing, we offer free roof inspections whenever you need them. When we inspect your roof we will take a close look at the integrity of your shingles and take note of any loose, weakened, curling, buckling, or missing shingles, and even damaged chimney flashing. If we find your shingles are exhibiting extensive damage as a result of aging and the rough hurricanes we have had in the last few years, which bring heavy winds, hail, and debris, then we will recommend a full replacement.

Why You Should Replace Your Whole Roof Rather Than Just Some Severely Damaged Shingles

Many times our customers ask if they can get away with replacing the shingles that are most damaged instead of their full roof. More often than not, a full replacement is absolutely necessary. This is because once a few shingles are compromised, the neighboring shingles will quickly follow suit. Because shingles are all nailed together, the moment one goes missing, you can very quickly lose more at a time.

Without enough shingles, or with severely weakened shingles that are left unaddressed, you will not only allow outside air in, which can raise the cost of your electric bill, but you will also let in severe leaks that will inevitably put the rest of your family and your structure at risk. Additionally, if we just replace the shingles that are most damaged, then we are forgetting about the shingles that are well on their way to becoming just as big a problem.

Amstill Roofing Completes One-Day Roof Replacement

If you've had your shingles for 10-15 years, please contact our roofing team so we can complete our initial inspection and offer an estimate. We will also discuss financing options, and then we will bring the replacement roofing material and complete the job, usually within a day. Let us keep your home and your family safe this holiday season.

Summer is the busiest time for home builders and realtors, as many homeowners try to sell their houses at that time of year so they can move to a newer, smaller, or bigger home. For roofing companies like ours, though, late summer and all throughout fall are the busiest times of year because of all the storms that take place in Houston. Have you recently moved to a new, upgraded home in the last few months and experienced a leak?

Poor Shingle Installation

Usually, when you move into a house that used to belong to someone else, the previous owners make sure to update it in some way or another. If they lived in it for ten, fifteen, twenty, or even thirty years, they will likely replace the roof right before listing the house. This is especially true for Houston homeowners, who are all too familiar with the crazy storms we get between summer and fall.

However, there have been instances where our customers move to a new home with an updated roof and experience a leak shortly after settling in. This is usually due to poor shingle installation. Don't worry though, our Houston roofers at Amstill Roofing can fix it.

Get a Free Roof Inspection by Amstill Roofing After a Storm

If you notice a leak in your new house's roof during a storm, be sure to deal with roof leaks ASAP. We will stop by as soon as we can and complete a free roof inspection. During our inspection, we will climb onto your roof and take a careful look at your shingles. We'll keep an eye out for any shingles that were improperly installed and let you know what we've found. Afterward, we will schedule another day to come by and complete the necessary repairs and/or replacements.

Amstill is Available For All Your Houston Roof Repair Needs

Our experienced crew can complete any necessary repairs or replacements within a single day. We'd also like to recommend that once your roof is fixed, you regularly clean out your gutters, trim any nearby trees that hang over your roof, and get regular roof inspections completed by our highly-skilled eyes at no charge. Please contact us if you suspect your roof shingles were poorly installed so that we can keep you, your family, and the rest of your home safe and secure.