The scariest time of year is right around the corner. Halloween is a moment of tricks and treats, but what about your roof? If your roof is playing tricks on you with leaks or missing shingles, then let Amstill Roofing treat you to a strong and durable roof.

As the month of October comes to an end, the fall weather will become noticeable in Houston. Having missing shingles or old shingles can create leaks and cracks in the roof. These are created because there isn’t protection or there is less protection for the plywood and underpinnings.

Make sure your home feels inviting to everyone who comes over, even if they’re just ringing the doorbell and leaving after getting some candy. At our Houston roofing company, we ensure that your roof makes for a very inviting home. We also ensure that your roof will do its job to protect the rest of your house.


Maintaining your roof is essential to protecting the rest of your house. Our roofing professionals conduct roof inspections to ensure that your roof isn’t taking on any damage from weather conditions. Simple problems within the roof can lead to some scary problems.

Here are some issues that can take place if Houston roof repairs are taken care of in a timely manner:

  • LEAKS IN THE CEILING: How does rain leak onto your ceiling? Through the roof. If there are cracks or breaks, even small ones, rain can seep through and cause your ceiling to collapse or suffer water damage. Either way, it would require a replacement of the affected area in your ceiling, along with correcting the issues in the roof.
  • MORE MISSING SHINGLES: Leaving missing shingles on the roof can lead to more missing shingles. When harsh winds hit the gaps in the shingles, it can cause them to be lifted out of place or torn, especially if the shingles are old.


Before Halloween hits, contact Amstill Roofing to fix every problem you may be experiencing. We will inspect your roof for free and inform you of the health of your roof. We look forward to ensuring your roof is ready for the season and for the many seasons to come.

The average roof only lasts about 20-years, but you can surge past the average roof. At Amstill Roofing, we can double that time and even nearly triple that time. Just think about it. That means you could possibly only need one roof replacement in your lifetime.


The goal at our Houston roofing company is to build roofs that last and are incredibly durable. We have been building roofs for Houston homeowners since 1974 with great success. One of the reasons we have had such amazing success is because we provide homeowners with options.

Choosing the types of roof replacement shingles that last:

  • 3-Tab Shingles: The most common type of shingles are the 3-tab shingles. These last about 20 years. These types of shingles come in various colors that can complement the home. These shingles take storms well and every type of weather condition, they simply do not last as long after near two decades. Not in comparison to the laminate shingles.
  • Laminate Shingles: Laminate shingles have a lifetime of about 30 to 50 years, which can enable some homeowners to never have to worry about getting another roof replacement. These types of shingles are twice as thick as the 3-tab shingles.
  • Architectural Shingles: These shingles are the strongest and most durable shingles available. Architectural shingles come in slate or cedar wood, which ensures their strength and durability. These shingles typically last at least 50 years.


At Amstill Roofing, our roofing experts always spend time with our clients before they choose a type of shingle for their roof replacement. We provide all the information they need and answer all questions and concerns they may have. Getting a roof replacement in Houston is a substantial move and we want every client to happy with their choice for not just the lifetime of their roof, but for their lifetime too.

If you are in need of a roof replacement, then contact our Houston roofing company. We look forward to providing you with a beautiful and strong roof.

Honestly, this month of October looks to be the perfect month to get roof repairs or a roof replacement* completed. According to**, this month will be full of sunshine with highs in the mid-80s and lows around the high-70s. The evenings are going to be amazing, staying around the low-70s and high-60s.

Choosing to have Amstill Roofing complete any work on your roof means that you will be able to keep that great weather feel inside your home all year and well into the future. The rest of fall and winter looks to be pretty mild this year, but as we learned from the 2017 summer, a strong roof in Houston is a necessity.


The weather conditions of Houston change almost instantaneously. It may be warm in the morning only to be hit with a cold front in the afternoon with rain and sleet and then followed by a nice cool evening. It is practically the typical weather pattern here in Houston. This is why Amstill Roofing ensures that every roof we work on is prepared for these changes in weather.

We conduct thorough inspections of the roof for breaks, cracks, missing shingles, and other areas of weakness that could become worse. Correcting these roof repair problems early will ensure your roof remains strong in the long-term. It also ensures that you aren’t spending unnecessary dollars on energy.


When a roof has a break or crack, this allows the heating or cooling within the home to be released more easily. It also allows that adverse temperature (like heat or cold) from the outside to enter into the home, making your energy system work harder than it should to maintain the temperature you want. As any Houston homeowner understands, this can greatly increase the amount of money spent in monthly energy bills.


If you have noticed that your energy bills have become unusually higher, then you might need roof repair. Contact our Houston roofing company today and get your roof prepared for any type of weather conditions this part of Texas may throw at you.

(*) Amstill Roof Replacement (**) Accuweather Link

Now that September is over, the peak of hurricane season has ended. But that doesn’t mean we are clear of storms, flying debris, and heavy winds. As the cold fronts begin to come in, we must brace for the typical Houston weather, which is unpredictable.

October sometimes brings cooler weather and sometimes it can be really hot. It’s a climatic hodge-podge. As Houstonians, however, we have learned to live with it.

At Amstill Roofing, we know that whatever the Houston weather brings, we will be prepared for it. After this past month of devastation due to Hurricane Harvey, there are countless homes in need of a lot of repair, including roof repair. We have been working around the clock taking care of our great clients because know a weak or damaged roof can easily be impacted by incoming weather conditions.


If your roof has been in existence for 20 or more years, then it has seen a lot of storms and has fought a good fight. The 20-year mark, however, is commonly the end of a roof’s existence. The roof will need new shingles and possibly new plywood placed down.

If you have a relatively new roof, but are suffering from roof leaks or missing shingles, then it is time to have one of our Houston roofing specialists to visit your home. Whether age or storm damage, our specialists can determine the cause of your roof damage and how to best repair your roof.

Most often, especially after a major storm like Harvey, home insurance will cover a roof repair or a roof replacement. Once the insurance adjuster surveys the damage to your roof, then you will know what all will be covered by your insurance. We also offer to have our roofing experts join the insurance adjuster to help inspect the roof to ensure nothing is overlooked.


Amstill Roofing has been serving the Greater Houston area since 1974. If you feel your home needs a roof inspection, then contact us today and we will perform a free roof inspection to see if there is any external or internal damage. If you are experiencing a roof leak or have missing shingles, then do not wait to call us. We will schedule a time to come to your home and fix your roof.