New Eye-Catching Roof Replacement For Single-Story Home In Houston, TX!

403 Kari Court completed A SMALL

This single-story home had a roof we knew to be at least 10 years old when we initially came to inspect the roof for a potential replacement. This home over the years has encountered some additions in home remodeling that was, of course, newer and would not need the same attention nor roof replacement as the main sector of the home. These lovely homeowners had been thinking about replacing the roof for the last year and a half but recently became proactive in seeking out a roofing contractor. With such busy work schedules, we were able to plan accordingly and review over the estimate with both the husband and wife. The new additions were not great roofs and would only cause more issues down the road to keep that separate from the remainder of the home. For us to roof the entire home as a solid unit was discovered to be the best route to replace it all at one time; using the same materials, warranty and company as well.

We selected our most popular Gold System as the most economical option for the homeowners and ensured the ventilation system was more than ideal. Having no soffit vents and interested in power or solar vent for three different sections of the roof, Amstill was able to assist the homeowners in each endeavor for this roof replacement to be everything they wanted. After getting all ducks in a row such as; obtaining the proper permits, adding air intake vents to make sure we achieve thermal buoyancy as a proper investment to ensure they save big bucks in the future as well as get all the exhaust pipes fitted with “squirrel-proof” coverings, everything was completed to exceeding expectations. This beautiful home now showcases the Owens Corning “Pepper Mill” colored shingles on this brand new roof replacement.