Beautiful Completed Roof Replacement For Two-Story Home In Katy, TX!

1703 Dufrey Lane completedSMALL

Amstill was able to help these kind folks get their roof replaced and restore their faith in roofing companies once again! The homeowners originally reached out to another roofing company and filed an insurance claim. To make a long story short, they had an awful experience with them and ended up not moving forward with that company. A close friend of theirs highly recommended Amstill Roofing to them, where afterward they finally reached out to us. This two-story home had an original roof that was built in 1978 with a few repairs administered to the roof in between then up to date. We addressed a leak by their chimney where they did have a main concern for that from the water stain that appeared on the ceiling near that area. We also discovered some hail damages that we were able to help them proceed with the claim and get their roof covered, replaced, and raised the value of their home as a result. They had been seeking a company that was willing to fight for them and help them in every way possible. Luckily, we were able to cross paths and be that company for them. This lovely home features the Owens Corning “Onyx Black” colored shingle.