Beautiful Brand New Roof Replacement For Houston Homeowners!

13410 Butterfly Ln. completedSMALL

What began as a routine inspection for this two-story home, with a roof older than 15 years of age, turned into a complete roof replacement as an end result. Initially,  this home had no noticeable leaks or issues but wasn’t privy to a few storm-related damages that had been found after a full thorough inspection of the roof. Knowing they had rats AND bats sneak into the home, it was only a matter of time before we found the opening. After scheduling an adjuster meeting, both ourselves and the adjuster reached the conclusion that the best route was for a full replacement of the roof. We assisted the homeowners through the insurance process and was able to install a beautiful brand new roof replacement for these happy Houston homeowners. This stunning home features the Owens Corning “Estate Grey” colored shingle.