Storm Damage

hurricane season roof damage taking place on a sugar land roof

Sugar Land Roof Damage You May See During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is in full swing and knowing what to expect can help you best prepare for the potential for Sugar Land roof damage. While the season lasts until the end of November, September marks its peak, which means more and more active storms are forming and could have the potential to reach the Houston area. Now is the time to keep your Sugar Land roofing intact and know exactly what hurricane season roof damage can look like for your home.

What Kind Of Hurricane Season Roof Damage Can I Expect For My Sugar Land Roofing?

There are many ways a storm can cause hurricane season roof damage and increase the chance that you’ll need a complete Sugar Land roof replacement. The heavy winds and rain that accompany many hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to your roof, resulting in roof leaks and irreparable structural damage. Here are a few common issues to be aware of:

  • Missing or damaged shingles: hurricane-force wind speeds begin at 75mph and only increase from there, which can easily rip shingles and other materials from your roof.
  • Punctures: High wind speeds have been known to blow nearby debris like lawn furniture, decor, and loose tree limbs onto roof structures, where they can puncture through the shingles and cause leaks.
  • Damaged ridge vents: If your home is newer, it may have ridge venting to allow hot air to escape the attic during hot summer months. These vents are typically located along the highest peak of your roof and can allow rain to leak into your attic if you sustain any hurricane season roof damage.
  • Bent or warped flashing: flashing protects your home where the roof meets structural elements like your chimney or upper story walls. If wind shifts flashing out of place or removes it entirely, the result is a gap between those structures that then exposes your property below to the elements. 
  • Lifted roofs: If hurricane-force winds catch under the eaves of your home, they have the potential to lift your roof completely off your home. This is the kind of catastrophic hurricane season roof damage that all homeowners want to avoid.

How To Prepare Your Home Now To Prevent Sugar Land Roof Damage

Prevention is the best tool to ensure your roof stays in good shape through hurricane season. Removing debris and loose items from your property, repairing any existing damage, and familiarizing yourself with your homeowner’s insurance policy are all steps you should take now to avoid possible hurricane season roof damage. Sometimes, a Sugar Land roof replacement is best done before a hurricane rolls into town, not after. Our Houston roof experts can let you know the best decision for your home. 

Call Our Houston Roof Experts Before The Next Storm Hits!

The best way to protect your Sugar Land roofing from hurricane season storm damage is to call our Houston roof experts to schedule a free inspection before the next hurricane hits the Houston area. We can help you prepare your roof and your property now before a complete Sugar Land roof replacement is necessary. 

Sign that says "hurricane season" on it with a storm taking place in the background, signifying the severity of Cypress roof damage

How To Prepare Your Cypress Roof For Hurricane Season

As the height of hurricane season is here, it’s imperative that you do all you can to protect your Cypress roofing from storm damage due to strong winds and heavy rains. We all know how quickly the weather can turn, and storms brewing in the gulf could spell trouble for your property if you aren’t fully prepared. So what can you do to make sure your roof is ready to face hurricane season, keeping you and your family safe? 

Keep Your Yard Clean

Strong winds can easily blow debris around and onto your Cypress roofing, causing significant storm damage. Items such as lawn furniture and decor, loose or splintered tree limbs, and recreational equipment can be lifted by the kinds of winds we see in a hurricane and land on your roof. When this happens, these heavy items can easily puncture your shingles and lead to a leak. Given that most hurricanes are also accompanied by heavy rains, that type of exposure can easily wreak havoc on the interior of your home and lead to a need for a Cypress roof replacement. Store any loose items securely in your garage or shed to keep them from becoming a danger to your property. 

Make Any Repairs You May Have Been Putting Off

Hurricane season is not the time to procrastinate on property repairs, especially when it comes to your roof. If you’ve been experiencing leaks, have noticed missing or buckled shingles, or think your Cypress roofing is approaching the end of its lifespan, it’s probably time to call our Houston roof experts for a free inspection. It’s better to take care of these issues now rather than waiting to assess the extent of the storm damage after the clouds have cleared. A Cypress roof replacement before a storm hits is sometimes the best course of action to protect your home.

Familiarize Yourself With The Details Of Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may provide significant coverage for your Cypress roofing due to storm damage. It’s best to review your policy before the start of hurricane season to be familiar with the details of your policy. If you need a Cypress roof replacement, our Houston roof experts can help you navigate your claims process. A clear understanding of the extent of your policy coverage means one less headache after a potentially dangerous storm. 

Call Our Houston Roof Experts To Schedule a Free Inspection Of Your Cypress Roofing

The best way to protect your property from storm damage during hurricane season is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Simply contact us for a free roof inspection so we can assess the condition of your roof. Our Houston roof experts are here to give you peace of mind with free inspections, tips to prevent damage, and estimates on a Cypress roof replacement, should you need it. 

houston homeowner checking for Kingwood roof damage after a storm

Tips For Checking On Your Kingwood Roof After A Storm

Now that it’s peak hurricane season, most of us are anticipating heavy storms at some point or another. While many roofers go door-to-door to offer a roof inspection, some of these are actually running roofing scams that you need to avoid. Rather than putting your home (and your wallet) at further risk, our Houston roof experts will teach you about what you can do to check and protect your roof after a storm.

Once A Storm Has Passed, Check Your Attic

Rather than immediately climbing onto your roof while it’s still slippery and dangerous, we recommend going into your attic right after a storm to see if there are any roof leaks. To determine if you have a Kingwood roof leak, you should look for dripping water, puddles, staining along the walls, as well as damp insulation, or even warping. If you discover signs of a leak, it’s important to speak with our Houston roof experts in case there is further damage that may have taken place, warranting a Kingwood roof replacement.

Perform Adequate Kingwood Roof Maintenance

Once the storm has passed, our Kingwood roofing company recommends you grab a ladder and climb up to your gutters. From here, start with some roof maintenance tasks by clearing the gutters of any leaves, twigs, or other debris. This will ensure proper drainage of water away from your roof so that it doesn’t settle and weigh down your roof shingles, as this will cause dipping and other Kingwood roof damage that, left unaddressed, will lead to a dire need for Kingwood roof replacement.

Seek A Free Kingwood Roof Inspection From Our Qualified Houston Roof Experts

Once you have checked your attic and performed some roof maintenance, we recommend you contact us for a free Kingwood roof inspection. Although you are under no obligation to work with us, with over 40 years of roofing experience we can easily spot both the obvious and extremely subtle signs of roof damage. Other roofers may miss these signs and put your roof, as well as your loved ones at risk. During peak hurricane season we want to do our best to protect you not only now, but for years to come.

Once we conclude our Kingwood roof inspection, our Houston roof experts will offer transparent guidance and advice on whether you would benefit from a full Kingwood roof replacement, as well as which type of roof shingles may best meet your needs. We are here to help you keep your roof and your family safe!

Pearland roof with significant wind damage after a hurricane

Signs Your Pearland Roofing Has Wind Damage

Summer storms have been both frequent and severe this year, and we’re still in the middle of hurricane season. This means you may need to contact our Houston roof experts to assess any storm damage and see if it’s time for a Pearland roof replacement. Your roof is especially susceptible to wind damage thanks to Houston’s severe weather patterns, so don’t wait too long to protect your property and fix any issues that may be uncovered in a timely manner. Failing to do so may result in a premature Pearland roof replacement.

Why Is Wind Damage To Your Pearland Roof So Serious?

Winds can toss around branches, trash, or other loose items on your property, all of which can easily land on your roof and necessitate a Pearland roof replacement. This debris may puncture your rooftop shingles, leading to water leaks that cause damage to your roofing insulation and even your property below. Oftentimes, wind damage can be difficult to assess without the proper training, tools, and vantage point. 

How To Spot Pearland Roof Wind Damage

Even though there are several ways in which wind can damage your roofing, here are some of the most common types of damage to look for:

Curling Roof Shingles

Curling shingles are usually the most obvious sign of wind damage. Unfortunately, it’s also an easy sign to miss because it’s hard to see without a professional roof inspection. That’s why it's important to call our Houston roof experts as soon as possible to determine the extent of storm damage, as curling shingles may rip off completely and leave bald spots, leading to the potential need for a Pearland roof replacement.

Asphalt Granules In Your Gutter

Wind damage can weaken older roof shingles, which can deteriorate over time and leave bald spots of missing shingle granules. When these granules break down, they’ll end up filtering off your roof and into your gutter, signaling storm damage and the need for an inspection from your Houston roof experts. If you catch it early, you may be able to avoid a premature Pearland roof replacement.

Damaged Chimney Flashing 

Chimney flashing prevents water from entering your home by closing the space between the roof and chimney. It is commonly made up of a metal such as steel, aluminum, or even copper, which can bend due to storm damage. You may be able to tell if your roof has sustained wind damage by checking the chimney flashing. Sometimes, especially if your roof hasn’t been repaired in a while, wind can break the seal between the flashing and the chimney, causing it to shift and move out of place. 

Address Pearland Roofing Wind Damage ASAP With A Free Roof Inspection By Amstill Roofing

As with any type of roof damage, the longer it’s left unaddressed, the worse it becomes. For example, curling shingles, missing asphalt granules, and damaged chimney flashing open your roof up to the possibility of moisture damage and leaks. If you think you need a Pearland roof replacement because your home may have suffered storm damage or wind damage, then please contact your Houston roof experts so we can schedule a free roof inspection and assess the level of damage. Following our inspection, we may recommend a Pearland roof replacement.

hail storm damage on a Sienna, Texas roof

Facts You Didn't Know About Sienna, TX Hail Roof Damage

As we continue to navigate peak hurricane season, it’s a great time to talk about hail. Even though peak hail season is during the spring, hail is still possible with hurricanes. In this article, our Houston roof experts offer facts you may not have known about hail and how it damages your Sienna (formerly Sienna Plantation) roof, as well as what we can do to help keep your roof sturdy this hurricane season.

3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hail

  • It doesn’t need to be cold for hail to cause serious damage to your Sienna roofing. This is why hail is far more common during the warmer months.
  • Compared to tornadoes–which are only reported in the U.S an average of 1,000 times per year–large hail storms are reported over 5,000 times a year.
  • Hail gradually builds up to its known shape. Hail actually starts as droplets of rain inside an updraft, a cold storm cloud with upward-blowing winds. This wind pattern stirs and tosses the rain droplets around in the cloud. As the droplets gain momentum and continue being forcefully tossed around, they build upon themselves, at which point they become too heavy for the wind and begin to fall on your Sienna roofing, car, and the ground as hailstones.

Is Hail Damage To Your Sienna Roofing Really That Bad?

Many homeowners dismiss hail as too insignificant to cause any real damage. In reality, a hailstone only needs to be the size of a quarter to inflict damage when it falls on your Sienna roof. If your roof is in sub-par condition, you may even require a Sienna, Texas roof replacement.

Identifying Sienna Roof Hail Damage

After a hailstorm, it’s best to immediately assess the damage. You can do so by checking shingles, chimneys, your gutters, skylights, and your siding for dings, dents, or chipped spots. In addition to a self-assessment, we also recommend that you reach out to our Houston roof experts for a free Sienna, TX roof inspection. This way we can climb onto your roof so you don’t have to and take a closer look at it. In some cases, we may find damage bad enough to warrant a Sienna roof replacement.

Has Your Sienna, Texas Roof Sustained Hail Damage? Our Houston Roof Experts Are Available To Help!

If we determine that your Sienna roofing has suffered hail damage, we will recommend the best course of action. If your roof has not been replaced or attended to in about 10-15 years and has sustained severe damage over the years, it may be best to get a Sienna roof replacement in order to restore your roofing’s integrity for the remainder of the hurricane season and beyond. If you would like to gain insight into the condition of your roofing system, please contact us so we can keep you and your loved ones safe!