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Storm Damage

Stormy sky with lightning strikes near a cinco ranch roof sustaining storm damage

Has Your Cinco Ranch Roof Sustained Storm Damage?

With the Atlantic hurricane season approaching its end in a few more weeks, you might be wondering if your roof has sustained storm damage either this season or over the last few seasons we’ve had. At this time you’re probably considering getting some Cinco Ranch roof repairs done, or even a full roof replacement, which is why we put together this Houston roofing article all about some of the most common signs your Cinco Ranch roof has sustained storm damage.

Sagging Cinco Ranch Roof

Roof rot is usually the culprit if you notice your roof is sagging. Roof rot takes place when moisture is trapped underneath roof shingles that have curled or creased from storm wind damage. This trapped moisture reaches the underlying boards and, when left to settle, damages and causes bacteria and mold to form in the insulation as well.

Damaged Cinco Ranch Roof Shingles

Damaged roof shingles are the most obvious sign that your home has sustained roof storm damage. It’s a good idea to check your roof from an upstairs window or from outside to determine if your roof shingles lay flat against the decking or not. By checking on your roof from afar, you may also be able to find sections with missing shingles. All of these signs suggest that your roof has sustained wind damage from this season’s storms or even from past storms. If you have high-quality shingles on your roof, you may have been fortunate enough to have gotten through a few past hurricanes without much damage. However, at some point, your roof’s warranty will expire and you will need a Cinco Ranch roof replacement.

Water Damage

Water damage is most evident in your attic. We recommend you look around your attic for water stains, mold, and warping throughout the walls and ceilings. 

If Your Roof Sustained Storm Damage, Our Houston Roofing Company Will Complete Cinco Ranch Roof Repairs Or Replacement

If, after finding out about these signs, you believe your roof may be damaged, then please contact us for a free roof inspection. We will be able to determine what condition your roof is in and complete the necessary roof repairs to reinforce your roof and ensure it lasts for years to come. In other cases, we may recommend a roof replacement instead, but rest assured we always have what’s best for your roof and your family in mind.

houston roof with tropical storm and lightning in the background

Signs Of Houston Storm Damage On Your Roof

Although we want more than anything for hurricanes to not affect us, they inevitably do. Now that we’ve officially exhausted the year’s name list for different tropical storms, this tells us that we may have to reluctantly expect more storms to come. Rather than dealing with the costly risks of being uninformed, though, we thought we should break down the different signs of Houston storm damage. By catching the following signs, you can seek Houston roof repairs far sooner, which is better for your roof and your family.

Is Your Houston Roof Sagging Anywhere?

If your roof shows any sagging it is likely due to roof rot. Roof rot occurs when moisture from rain gets trapped underneath curled or creased shingles as a result of storm wind damage. This trapped moisture reaches the underlying boards and, sometimes, damages the roof insulation as well. When your roof sags, pooled rainwater may also worsen its condition, causing it so tear entirely.

Do Your Roof Shingles Appear Damaged?

Damaged roof shingles are the most obvious sign that your home has sustained roof storm damage. How can you tell if your shingles are damaged? See if they lay flat against your roof or not. Another good indicator is to see if you can spot any balding spots on your roof shingles. Roof shingles have a layer of granules which offer the outermost layer of protection your Houston roof shingles need in order to buy some time before roof damage starts to take its toll. 

Is Your Home Showing Signs Of Water Damage From Rainstorms?

The easiest way to find out if your roof has sustained rainwater damage is by checking in your attic. Look for water stains, mold, and/or warping of the walls. If you see any of these signs, you may have suffered insulation damage as well.

Amstill Roofing Can Determine If Your Roof Has Suffered Houston Storm Damage

If you worry about the integrity of your roof, please contact us so we can evaluate the current state of your roof by conducting a free Houston roof inspection. This inspection gives us an opportunity to climb onto your roof so you don’t have to. This way our trained eyes with 40+ years of roofing experience can look for other signs of damage that may have been missed. After our inspection, we will be able to determine if your level of roof storm damage requires Houston roof repairs or Houston roof replacement.

Windy tropical storm weather in Houston

What Does A Tropical Storm Mean For Your Tomball Roof?

An active hurricane season brings plenty of tropical storms. Excessive tropical storms and hurricanes mean that extensive wind damage and rain damage can impact your Tomball roof. Will you need Tomball roof repairs or a Tomball roof replacement? Here is what tropical storms mean for your roof.

Tropical Storm Winds Can Cause Severe Tomball Roof Damage

One of the primary concerns homeowners have toward tropical storm winds is that they effortlessly toss around all of the debris lying around your front and back-yards. Such debris includes garbage, branches, and even lawn decorations or furniture. When tossed around, this debris tends to puncture your roofing shingles, which creates an opening for a leak to form. Debris may also wind up in your gutters, blocking them from adequately driving water away from your structure. You can read more about the importance of your roof gutters here.

Another concern is that, when tropical storm-force winds blow across your roof, they break the bond between your shingles and the underlying deck. This causes a chain reaction in which all of the adjacent shingles will also come loose, which exposes the underlying foundation to water damage and rot.

Tropical Storms Encourage Roof Rain Damage

Rainwater can be just as damaging as tropical storm winds are. Heavy rains are notorious for wearing down your roof. Over time, if you never completed Tomball roof repairs, your roof shingles may soften and sag, which will let rainwater pool and worsen the existing damage. Depending on what type of roofing you have, your roof may be able to withstand between 15-50 years of damage, but on average, Tomball roofs last about 15 years before a Tomball roof replacement is necessary. 

Rain is especially damaging when coupled with storm winds, as winds can lift shingles, and moisture from the rain may become trapped and rot the entire structure, damaging your Tomball roof insulation and creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Amstill Roofing Is Here For All Your Tomball Roofing Needs

Whether you simply need a roof inspection, some Tomball roof repairs, or a full Tomball roof replacement, Amstill is proud to help ensure your family’s safety this hurricane season. To determine if you need to get any roof work done, please contact us for a free Tomball roof inspection so we can assess the level of damage your roof currently faces.

kingwood texas roof being hit by heavy rain and wind

Can Your Kingwood Roof Withstand The Weather

Houston is no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. Although we have, fortunately, not experienced any devastating storms yet this year, it’s best to be proactive and prepared in the event that this highly active hurricane season brings a storm our way. One of the best ways to be prepared is by ensuring you have a healthy roof over your home, as this is your home’s first line of defense against extreme winds and rain.

Check On Your Roof With A Kingwood Roof Inspection

Kingwood roof damage that results from the summer heat is no joke, and neither is the storm damage our roofs are subject to every year. If a storm is bad enough, trees might fall and their limbs could puncture or tear apart your roof. No homeowner should take a risk by simply “waiting and seeing”. To make sure your roof won’t be torn apart this hurricane season, our Kingwood roofers recommend getting a free roof inspection.

A roof inspection not only helps us spot any Houston weather damage, but we can also determine if these signs of roof damage warrant getting Kingwood roof repairs or a Kingwood roof replacement. 

Only Get A Kingwood Roof Replacement or Kingwood Roof Repairs When Necessary

We have been serving the greater Houston area for over 40 years, so getting to know homeowners and building a relationship with them based on trust is paramount in our business and in our identity. We instill these values in our entire time, so you can rest assured that we will make unbiased recommendations on how you can reinforce your Kingwood roof based on the evidence we find in our inspections. After all, as a local roofer, we understand how stressful and devastating roof damage can be, and all we want is for families across Houston to feel safe and protected in their homes.

Let Our Kingwood Roofing Company Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

Here in Houston, we were lucky enough to only experience Hurricane Hanna’s rainstorm bands and not the hurricane itself. With over 8 named storms already, and the possibility of Hurricane Laura affecting us in some way, we should be proactive. Please contact us so we can schedule a free roof inspection so that our Houston roofers can keep you and your loved ones safe and protected this hurricane season.

street sign that reads Hurricane Season with a lightning strike

Your Sugarland Roof May Be At High Risk Of Wind Damage This Hurricane Season

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season is in full swing and we still have a ways to go before it's over at the end of November. Although Houston has yet to be impacted by any major hurricanes, it is still quite possible. By now there have already been 9 named storms and according to ABC13, the ninth storm doesn’t form until early October. With heavy storms, tropical storms, and hurricanes come aggressive winds that can compromise the integrity of your Sugarland roofing. 

How Does Wind Damage Your Sugar Land Roofing?

Heavy winds toss around debris, such as garbage, branches, and even your lawn decor and patio furniture. This kind of debris can easily puncture your rooftop shingles, which can then leave room for emergency roof leaks and allow for outside air to seep into your home, causing your energy bill to spike. The wind blows unevenly over surfaces, which often results in broken seals between shingles and the underlying foundation. This can create a chain reaction in which nearby shingles will also come loose and tear off, exposing the rest of the structure to water damage, rot, and mold. At this point, Sugarland roof repairs or a Sugarland roof replacement will be necessary. 

Signs Your Home Has Experienced Sugar Land Roof Wind Damage

Curling Shingles

Are your roof shingles lying flat or have some curled? Corner and edge shingles are most prone to curling, so check on them from below to see if they’re lifting up at all.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is the material that encloses the space between the roof and the chimney and helps prevent water from entering it. The kind of flashing used depends on the roofing material and the climate, so even though Houston homes have very sturdy flashing, keep an eye out for any dents, chips, and cracks.

Houston’s #1 Roofer Offers Expert Sugarland Roof Repairs

Ensuring that your roof is intact is essential all year round, but with the increased risks for damage during this historical hurricane season, it is especially important. With our trained eyes and 40+ years of experience, our roof repair experts in Houston will gladly conduct a free roof inspection to determine whether you are in need of storm repairs.