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houston roofing contractor completing roof repairs after a tropical storm

Common Houston Roof Repairs You Might Need After Hurricane Hanna

Although Houston didn't experience as much damage from Hurricane Hanna as other areas did, the heavy wind and rain storms still caused many Houston roofs to sustain damage. Here are some common and likely Houston roof repairs you might need sooner rather than later as we continue to keep an eye on the weather conditions.

Houston Roof Leaks

Whether you are in Spring, TX, Katy, TX or anywhere in between, chances are you experienced some level of rainfall, though some areas received more than others. If this is the case and you haven’t received a Houston roof inspection recently, you may have an unnoticed leak. Roof leaks can have a few causes, and aging is one of them. Your Houston roof should last an average of 15-20 years, but if you haven’t replaced it yet, then it might be in less-than-ideal condition. Perhaps your roof shingles have curled or even flown off your roof and you simply didn’t realize. Or, alternatively, your shingles have dipped, allowing for rain to settle and pool, which will only further weaken the shingles and the underlying foundation. This will easily cause a bad leak, so if aging is a factor, please get a roof replacement as soon as possible. 

Seeing as it is summertime, it’s a great time for critters to wander onto your roof. If you spot any, make sure you get an inspection soon to double-check that the critters haven’t created entry points for themselves and the rain.

Wind Damage

The greater Houston area experienced some winds as well as heavy rain. Unfortunately, even though we recommend preparing your home for a storm, it is not always done in time, or some homeowners mistakenly underestimate the damage their Houston roof may suffer, so they simply don’t follow certain recommendations like removing extra furniture and debris. If this is the case, wind could have blown lawn chairs or garden decor onto your roof, puncturing it or ripping apart some shingles. It’s best to address this and get the appropriate Houston roof repairs as soon as possible so your roof is prepared for the next storm that may come our way.

Get a Free Inspection by Amstill Roofing To Find Out What Houston Roof Repairs Might Be Necessary

If after Tropical Storm Hanna you wonder if you might need Houston Roof Repairs, we recommend you contact us for a free inspection. We will thoroughly examine your siding, roof, gutters, downspouts, and may suggest inspecting your attic as well. This way we’ll be able to assess all the possible storm damage that occurred and recommend appropriate Houston roof repairs.

Woman calling for Sugarland emergency roof leak repair and catching the leak in a bowl

Emergency Sugarland Roof Leaks During Hurricane Season

With more tropical storms brewing throughout the Atlantic and the recent increase in storm activity, wind and excessive rainwater have to go somewhere. This post explains what may cause a Sugarland roof leak and how to handle an emergency situation.

Excess winds can toss around debris and loose objects in your yard, causing your roof to become punctured. This can lead to leaks that go unnoticed until they become severe and drain into your house. Often times, leaks are caused by not taking the time to perform proper preventative maintenance or a critter infestation.

If You Spot A Leak, Deal With It ASAP!

Since we are right in the middle of the hurricane season, you should contact Amstill Roofing immediately if you notice a leak. We will be more than happy to make our way to your house and solve the problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, here’s what you can do:

  • Control the leak with stockpots and bowls, any buckets you may have, or even your outdoor trash bin. 
  • If you see bulging anywhere in the walls, we recommend poking a small hole in the middle to let the leak drain. This way you are also able to collect it before it tears through your entire wall
  • Don’t panic! This may be a stressful situation, but it’s best to remain calm so you can be proactive about handling the leak until our Sugarland roofers can arrive.

Finding the Source of Your Houston Roof Leak

This is the hardest part when dealing with a leak. Just because the water is coming from a corner in your walls does not mean it formed there. If you can figure it out, that’s great! But if not, rest assured that our Sugarland roofer, with 40 years of experience, can determine that for you with a Sugarland roof inspection.

Amstill Roofing Can Complete Emergency Roof Repair

Once you see a leak, please contact us so we can quickly address it and conduct a thorough Sugarland roof inspection. If you have a leak, then Sugarland roof repairs are absolutely necessary. We will happily complete affordable Sugarland roof repairs and even help you make a weather-related insurance claim.

Tomball roof after rainfall

Prepare Your Tomball Roof For Hurricane Season With Tomball Roof Replacement Or Roof Repairs

As we continue on through hurricane season, Tomball homeowners may be spending some time thinking about putting together emergency kits and wondering what else they can do. Above all, we are hoping a lot of the expected storms don’t form at all or end up less threatening and devastating. However, it’s a good idea to be prepared and take safety precautions now, starting with your Tomball roof. This post will break down what you can do to prepare and protect your Tomball roof for hurricane season.

Clean Up Your Yard

Be sure to adequately maintain your Houston roof. Hurricane season brings dangerously powerful winds, which means any loose objects in your backyard can be blown onto your roof, puncturing the shingles. Clear away excess debris, planters, and patio furniture. Trim any tree branches that hang over the top of your roof. Trimming tree branches is a great way to discourage critters from scurrying onto your roof, further damaging your shingles and making a home out of your roof. Trimming also gets rid of heavy branches that can puncture your Tomball roofing.

Revisit Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Did you know your homeowner’s insurance may offer substantial coverage for Houston weather-related Tomball roof damage? Now is the ideal time to check your policy and see what they cover. We’ll even help you with your Tomball roof damage insurance claim.

Don’t Put Off Pending Roof Work You’re Considering Getting Done

If you’re planning on inquiring about Tomball roof repairs or Tomball roof replacement, don’t delay it any longer. Getting roof work done now will revitalize your Tomball roof, making your roof the strongest it can possibly be as we continue on through hurricane season. If you delay Tomball roof repairs or Tomball roof replacement, it might be too late and your roof could sustain extensive, more costly damage.

Get A Free Tomball Roof Inspection

We’ve stated before that prevention is the best way to care for your Tomball roof, so if you want to know how well-prepared your roof is for hurricane season, please contact us so we can assess it with a free roof inspection. This way we can let you know whether your roof is ready for hurricane season or if you would benefit from getting a Tomball roof replacement or a few Tomball roof repairs now.

Sugarland rain shower outside a window

How Does Rain Actually Damage Your Sugarland Roof?

Rain may seem harmless to some, and the common belief is that wind and hail cause more damage to your Sugarland roof than water. The truth is, though, that water can be–and is–just as damaging. Here’s how heavy rainfall can impact your Houston roof and what you can do to protect it.

Heavy Rainfall Outside Of Hurricane Season

Although we may be prone to the heaviest rainfall in the summer and early fall, Houston still gets its fair share of storms and rainfall throughout the entire year. Because of this, the heavy rains are notorious for wearing down your roof, which, depending on the type of shingles installed, should last about 15-20 years before a full Sugarland roof replacement is necessary. Keep in mind, though, that Sugarland roof repairs may be necessary before your shingles reach the end of their lifespan. 

What do worn down shingles mean? Well, this means that shingles could fly off, which is further encouraged by Sugarland roof wind damage. Worn down shingles also mean that rain can easily penetrate your roofing and get trapped between shingles and the underlying decking. Trapped moisture may then rot the entire structure, damage your roof insulation, and create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which can put you and your family members at risk.

How You Can Protect Your Home From Sugarland Roof Damage

Inspection equals prevention. Getting roof inspections at least twice a year is a great way to monitor how exactly certain weather conditions affect your roof. We offer a free roof inspection so we can take a close look at your shingles, gutter system, flashing, and even your attic so we can fully understand the amount of damage your roof has sustained. Following the inspection, we can determine whether you should get Sugarland roof repairs or a Sugarland roof replacement. 

In addition to getting roof inspections, we recommend performing proper roof maintenance. This helps ensure easily preventative issues don’t become costly in the long run.

Amstill Roofing Is Here For All Your Sugarland Roofing Needs

Whether you simply need a roof inspection, some Sugarland roof repairs, or a full-blown Sugarland roof replacement, Amstill is eager to help ensure your family’s safety, so please contact us if you suspect your roof has been heavily damaged. 90% of our roofing jobs are completed within a day so you can quickly get back to feeling safe at home.

heavy downpour causing kingwood roof rain damage

Can Your Kingwood Roof Handle the Houston Rain?

July is here and so is the hotter weather and the brighter sunshine. But, considering it’s the middle of summer and it’s hurricane season, a light rain shower can quickly turn into a full-on downpour that causes flooding across different areas in Houston. Combine this with old roofing and water will easily make its way into your home one way or another. We want to avoid this, which is why our Houston roofing crew–which serves Kingwood, Spring, Cypress, Katy, and other suburbs–is ready to serve you and reinforce your current roof with Kingwood roof replacement or Kingwood roof repair. 

Houston Rain May Pose a Threat to Kingwood Roofs

Let’s discuss why the summer rain may be detrimental to your Houston roof to the point where you’re in need of Kingwood roof repairs. If there are any cracks in your roof, if your roof is missing some shingles, or if your shingles have started to curl, it becomes very easy for rainwater to seep into your home through your roof. This can result in damaged roofing insulation, roof leaks, and compromises the rest of the interior and structural integrity.

Ensure Your Kingwood Roof Can Withstand The Rain

Before you move forward with Kingwood roof replacement or Kingwood roof repair, you first need to understand the current state of your roof. To do so, we recommend getting a Kingwood roof inspection, which Amstill Roofing offers for free. When we conduct a roof inspection, we climb onto your roof and thoroughly look for any signs of damage, even subtle ones that could become very severe in no time. After all, preventative care is the best way to care for your roof and encourage its longevity. 

With the current situation and the changing workplace, we have changed how we perform inspections, opting for a contact-less inspection, and then sending you a file of our findings. This way we can all protect each other without letting your roof succumb to damage. 

Amstill Roofing in Houston Will Proudly Protect Your Kingwood Roof

Ready to reinforce your roof? If you would like yo make sure your roof can handle the rain, then please contact our Houston roofing company so we can start with a free inspection. Based on our findings, we will recommend a Kingwood roof repair or a Kingwood roof replacement. We’ll also work with your insurance company and discuss financing options so you can afford to keep your roof in-tact.