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roof replacement on a two story home in the summer

Get a Spring, TX Roof Replacement Before Summer Arrives

Summer in Spring, TX is hot, sunny, regrettably humid, but a wonderful time for family, cookouts, and a time to rest and recharge some more, especially if you have any school-age or university students living under your roof. Summer officially begins on June 20th, so as temperatures continue to rise and rainstorms continue to take place, it’s a good idea to allow our team at Amstill Roofing to conduct a roof inspection now so that we can let you know how much work your roof needs, if it needs any at all. More often than not, we find that a roof replacement or some roof repairs are absolutely necessary.

Summer is a Busy Time for Houston Roofers Because of Potential Hurricane and Wind Damage, so Let’s Get You a New Roof ASAP

As a Spring, TX roofer, we are extra busy from June through November, which is the entirety of Hurricane Season. A lot of families need emergency roof repairs at this time, but if you get a roof replacement now, you can feel more comfortable that your roof will be sturdy and strong enough to protect you, your family, and the rest of your home during the season. Although you may still need Spring, TX roof repairs in the event that a hurricane hits us, getting a brand new roof replacement now may decrease the chances of this occurring, or, at the very least, decrease the severity of the damage your roof undergoes.

Amstill Roofing, Houston and Spring, TX’s Number 1 Roofer Can Complete a Spring, TX Roof Replacement in One Day

Although times are uncertain right now and we must continue to practice social distancing, summer should still be enjoyable and a time to sit back, relax, and reduce some stress. With a brand new roof, you won’t have to worry about potential leaks, critters, or severe hurricane, storm, rain, or hail damage because your roof will be well-prepared. If you are considering getting a Spring, TX roof replacement, then please contact us so we can schedule a free roof inspection. This way we can let you know whether you need a roof replacement or if your roof is strong enough that a few Spring, TX roof repairs will suffice. We offer financing for both solutions as well because we believe our customers shouldn’t hold off on their need for shelter.

house with a brand new roof that's ready to provide protection from severe weather

Tomball Roof Replacement Before Memorial Day Weekend

Now that we’re in May and school is finishing up, summer is on our minds. Although our summer plans may have to change due to COVID-19, we should still get to enjoy the backyard with our loved ones, so long as we’re under the same roof. In Tomball and the rest of the Greater Houston Area, Memorial Day weekend signifies the official start of summer, and what better way to make your summers in your backyard more pleasant and enjoyable than to get a beautiful roof replacement before the celebrations begin?

Roof Replacement Can be Noisy, So It’s Best to Get it Done Early

Houston roofing can be a rather loud job, but with over 40 years of experience, our roofing crew at Amstill is able to finish most of our jobs in a single day so you can feel safe and secure as soon as possible. By getting your roof replacement done before Memorial Day Weekend, you can truly enjoy the rest of the summer without worrying about the noise that will come later on from wood, power tools, hammering nails into your shingles, or an entire crew walking all over your roof. You can even enjoy sleeping in a little more.

A Brand New Tomball Roof Will Let You Enjoy Your Summer Without Any Worries

As Houston’s #1 roofer, we always uphold our standards of timeliness, education, integrity, and perfection. This means that in addition to replacing your Tomball roof in a timely manner, we also make sure we take the time to educate you on the state of your roof and how it affects you; we work with integrity to get the job done honestly, and we ensure your new roof is in perfect condition. We want to ensure that you don’t have to worry as much about extreme and heavy damage as hurricane season approaches and the weather becomes more severe in the summer.

Entrust Amstill Roofing to Protect Your Houston Roof and Your Family

If you would like to determine whether your Tomball roof is in need of replacement, then please contact us so we can begin with a free roof inspection. This way we can explain what caused the damage and plan our roof replacement accordingly.

roofer installing new shingles on a roof

What to Expect When Getting a Houston Roof Replacement by Amstill Roofing

While most Houston roofs can last about 10-20 years, on average, its lifespan will ultimately depend on exposure to hectic weather, such as hail damage, rain damage, and past hurricane damage. Through our roof inspections, we often find that roof repairs aren’t enough and, instead, roof replacement is necessary. Here is what you can expect when you rely on Amstill Roofing to replace your Houston roof.

Step 1: Free Roof Inspection

Before anything else, we highly recommend you get a roof inspection. When we arrive for your free roof inspection, we will carefully look at your roof, gutters, downspouts, siding, and possibly your attic. This way we can look for all the potential places for damage and ensure we don’t miss anything. If we determine that a roof replacement is necessary, it will be time to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider to file a claim. Chances are you can file a claim relating to the Houston weather, such as hail damage, wind damage, or rain damage.

Step 2: Meet With an Insurance Adjuster

Once you file your claim with your insurance provider, they will send out an adjuster to conduct their own inspection. Because our inspections are free, we recommend you schedule a date that allows our inspector, in addition to the adjuster, to have a look. Since we already completed a free inspection before you contacted them, we will make sure the adjuster doesn’t miss any of the damage. This way, you can get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance.

Step 3: Replacing Your Houston Roof

Next it’s time for us to do what we do best: replace your old roofing. We start by protecting your windows and landscaping with plywood and tarp, since a roof replacement can be quite messy.

Tear Down the Current Roofing

We will remove your current roofing down to its decking so that we can essentially start from scratch. Afterward, we will add water-proofing to the deck and then lay 30 pound felt over it. This adds even more protection and helps in installing your shingles.

Replacing Your Shingles

The next step is to install brand new shingles according to manufacturer guidelines. We’ll also install enhanced high profile shingles on top of any ridges. This complements the rest of the roofing and adds further protection.

Bringing Vents and Chimney up to Code

We’ll also check on your vents and chimney. If necessary, we’ll replace and repaint them so they are up to code, as roofing standards are known to change over the years.

One-Day Houston Roof Replacement by Amstill Roofing 

Our 40+ years of experience allow us to complete 95% of our jobs in a single day. If your roof’s warranty has expired, or if it has suffered from storm damage, then please contact us so that we can help you get a brand new roof that will last for years to come.

architectural high end roof shingle

Considering Houston Roof Replacement? Different Types of Shingles and How Long They Last

April showers may have ended, but we are still in hail season and hurricane season is on its way, so you may be considering a Houston roof replacement to ensure your roof is strong and your house and family, are protected as we gradually enter the extreme weather season. Did you know that Amstill Roofing in Houston offers multiple types of roof shingles? They each have different lifespans, which is crucial to consider when choosing the roof shingles you install.

Get an Inspection to See if You Need a Houston Roof Replacement

Get an Inspection to See if You Need a Houston Roof Replacement

The cold weather has subsided (for now) and spring is almost here, but we aren’t completely out of the woods. Spring brings a lot of rain as we gradually enter the Atlantic hurricane season, so it’s important to keep an eye on your roof’s current state. The best way to do this is by getting a roof inspection.

Get Your Houston Roof Inspected AT LEAST Twice a Year

We recommend going through two seasonal inspections a year. The best times to do so are during the spring, as well as during the fall, since these times of year offer more pleasant weather conditions.

When we check on your roof during the spring, we will assess how old your roof is, as well as the conditions of your shingles, valleys, and chimney flashing. We may even recommend an internal inspection to spot damage from inside your attic. Although the process sounds extensive, we do all of this to make certain your Houston roof ready for the more extreme weather that follows. 

Finance Your Roof Replacement

Upon completing our free roof inspection and determining if your roof is better off with a roof replacement, we will proceed with discussing payments. Paying to keep your roof sturdy so it can protect your house and your loved ones shouldn’t be a heavy burden. Your safety comes first, which is why we offer financing options. We also assist you in using your homeowner’s insurance so you can get as much financial help as possible for such a crucial part of your home. 

Sometimes, insurance companies may underestimate the damage your roof has undergone and not offer as much coverage as you need. We aim to make sure you get the coverage you need and deserve. One of the ways we achieve this is by offering to be present when an insurance adjuster conducts their own inspection of your roof. By the time the adjuster stops by, our roofers will have already completed our inspection, so we will be able to make sure the adjuster doesn’t miss even the subtlest signs of damage that warrant a roof replacement.

Contact Our Houston Roofers For a Free Roof Inspection Today

If you haven’t received a season inspection yet, then please contact us. We will thoroughly inspect your roof and happily complete a replacement. Over 90% of our replacements are completed within the day, thanks to our 40+ years of experience, which means you can enjoy the security of your home once again.