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The New Year Means a New Houston Roof

The New Year Means a New Houston Roof

With the arrival of the new year comes fresh starts and new looks, so you might be thinking of completing a few home renovations, or just one: your roof. The new year is the perfect time to get a new roof. Here are some signs your home may benefit from starting the year off with a Houston roof replacement.

Signs You Need a Houston Roof Replacement

Roof Aging

In Houston, roofs last an average of 20 years, but this ultimately depends on what kind of shingles your roofing utilizes and the overall weather conditions. Houses that utilize inexpensive shingles can expect their roof to last about 10 to 15 years, but homeowners that opted for high-end shingles can expect their roof to last 30 to 50 years, or even longer.

Interior Signs of Roof Damage

Aside from age, we recommend homeowners complete an interior inspection from their attic. Keep an eye out for dark water stains and streaks along the ceiling.

Another telltale sign that you are in need of a roof replacement is if light streams make their way through your attic’s ceiling boards. Your Houston roof has multiple layers starting with the deck, followed by 30-pound felt, your shingles, and, finally, flashing. If light seeps through those layers into your attic, then chances are that water is too.

One more sign to look out for in your attic is sagging, bulging, or warping in the ceiling. These distortions occur when water settles, and they're a key indicator that a roof replacement is imperative.

Exterior Signs of Roof Damage

If you are trained and have the proper equipment, you can benefit from climbing up to your roof and examining the shingles on the outside. However, if that is not the case, we can inspect your roof for free. We’ll look for rotting and decay, as well as moss, algae, and/or mold. Another sign–which is often missed by some, but clear to our Amstill Roofing inspectors–is finding shingle granules in the gutters. These granules may seem minuscule, but they actually offer an extra shield of protection for your shingles. We also evaluate chimney flashing and valleys.

Amstill Proudly Completes Roof Replacement All Over Houston

Our experienced crew serves Sugarland, Katy, Kingwood, and other areas across Houston. If you completed an internal inspection and would like an exterior inspection, please contact us. We’ll inspect your roof for free and then discuss proceeding with replacement.

In Need of a Houston Roof Replacement? Here's What You Can Expect

In Need of a Houston Roof Replacement? Here's What You Can Expect

Now that Houston’s infamous hurricane season is officially over, you may be wondering if your roof sustained damage and what repairs you need to make. While most Houston roofs can last about 10-20 years, on average, its lifespan will ultimately depend on exposure to hectic weather. More often than not we find that roof replacement is necessary. Here's what you can expect.

First Things First: Have Amstill Roofing Complete a Free Roof Inspection

Before you schedule a replacement for your aging and damaged roof, we highly recommend you first get an inspection. When we arrive for your free Houston roof inspection, we will carefully look at it and find problem spots. If we determine that replacement is necessary, you may want to contact your home insurance company to see if you can file any Houston weather and storm-related claims.

Meeting With An Insurance Adjuster

Once you have filed a claim with your insurance, the company will send out an adjuster to conduct their own inspection. Because our inspections are free, we recommend scheduling a date that allows both our inspector and the adjuster to have a look. This way we can ensure the adjuster doesn’t miss even the smallest signs of damage that warrant a roof replacement.

Replacing Your Roof

Next, it’s time for us to begin our work. We will start by preparing the surrounding area. Roof replacement can be a bit messy, so we protect your windows and landscaping with plywood and tarp.

Tearing Down Your Current Roofing

We will completely strip your roofing back to its current decking so that we can work with a blank canvas. Afterward, we will water-proof the deck and then lay 30 pound felt over it.

Replacing Your Shingles

The next step is to add brand new shingles according to manufacturer guidelines, followed by enhanced high profile shingles on top of any ridges. This complements the rest of the roofing and adds more protection.

Bringing Vents and Chimney up to Code

While we work on your roof, we’ll check on the integrity of your vents and chimney. If necessary, we’ll replace and repaint them.

Amstill Roofing Completes One-Day Houston Roof Replacement

Our team is highly experienced, so 95% of our jobs are completed within the day. If your roof has reached its warranty or you find it has suffered some storm damage, please contact us today so that we can help you get a brand new roof that will last for years to come.