How The Sun Damages Your Houston Roof

When it comes to weather can affect your Houston roof, much is made about the treacherous storms (Harvey, anyone?) that cause expensive storm roof damage to homes across the city. However, let’s not forget about the extreme heat that our city is notorious for, with recent temperatures hitting triple digits. Underestimating what the Houston sun can do to your roof can quickly result in severe damages that require roof repairs or a complete roof replacement. Knowing how the sun can damage your roof is essential to proper roof maintenance. Here are a couple of ways the sun can damage your roof:

UV Rays and Heat Can Weaken Your Houston Roof

Heat and UV rays emitted by the sun can severely damage your roof. UV rays constantly wear on your roof, even on days that are cool and cloudy. UV rays can also dry out lubricating oils in your roof, causing shingles to become dry and brittle. As a result, your roof loses its waterproof capabilities, thus causing major cracks and leaks into the interior of your home.

Heat weakens your roof and causes it to lose flexibility. This is because hot temperatures speed up the breakdown process caused by UV rays. In addition, trapped heat can easily cause your roof to reach temperatures much higher than outside temperatures. For instance, during this recent heat wave, the weather outside has consistently hit 100 degrees. 100 degrees is already hot enough, but during this time, your roof can easily be hitting temperatures over 160 degrees!

Make Sure Your Roof Can Handle The Heat With Roof Inspection

The best defense against the treacherous Houston sun begins with a free roof inspection from our Houston roofing company. During this inspection, one of our expert Houston roofers will come to your home and thoroughly check over every section of your roof. Our roofing expert will then determine whether roof repair, roof replacement, or nothing at all is required. In the event roof repair or roof replacement is required, our roofer will come up with a comprehensive plan of action for you to review. Again, this roof inspection is completely free of charge with no obligation whatsoever. Our goal is to protect your home from not only the extreme Houston heat, but also whatever else the crazy weather throws our way.

Serving Houston, Katy, Energy Corridor, and the surrounding areas since 1974, our Houston roofing company is known for its great workmanship and friendly customer service. We believe in having an honest relationship with all of our clients, and promise to never suggest any unnecessary repairs. Contact our Houston roofing contractor company today to make sure your roof can handle the Houston sun.