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What to Look for in a Houston Roofer

What to Look for in a Houston Roofer

With many roofing companies to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one that will meet all your roofing needs. It takes more than just skill to be an excellent Houston roofer; experience and character are also important factors. Amstill Roofing takes pride in our time-tested perfection. Here are some of the traits you should look for in a roofer.

Check for Experience

In the Houston roofing industry, experience is key when proving credibility. It’s better to go for a roofing company that has years of experience under their belt versus one that is just starting out. Many unexpected things can go wrong in any roofing job, so this is where experience comes to play. Amstill Roofing is a family-owned and operated company that has been proudly serving Texas since 1974. With almost 50 years in the industry, we know how to solve challenges and make sure every roof we work on is in the best shape possible.

Check Their Track Record

It’s easy for a Houston roofer to claim that they’re trustworthy, but it’s another thing to actually have the roofing track record to prove it. Amstill Roofing has worked on hundreds of thousands of roofs, and our reputation lies in those roofs. Our clients can attest to our level of workmanship and customer service while keeping our integrity all throughout. You can check reviews online in your search for the right Houston roofer.

Check If They’re Insured and Certified

Homeowners should watch out for roofing scams and storm chasers that take advantage of people in need of Houston roof repair. Ask your roofer if they are insured, licensed, and certified. This means that they’ve passed industry standards and continue to uphold them. By being affiliated with governing bodies, a Houston roofer proves their accountability, giving you peace of mind that you’re protected.

Check If They’re Authorized by Roofing Manufacturers

When a roofer installs shingles during Houston roof replacement, where do they get their materials? Choose a Houston roofer that is authorized by renowned manufacturers to install their products. Amstill Roofing is one of two Masterpiece Contractors Authorized by DaVinci Roofscapes, a leading supplier of high-quality shingles. When you choose DaVinci roofing, you’re guaranteed premium performance and unmatched aesthetic appeal.

Learn About Their Process

A roofing company’s process tells a lot about what you can expect the final results to be. Because of our experience, we’ve perfected our roofing process to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. From start to finish, we make sure your home is well protected. We’ll get your roof ready, employing all safety measures before we start the actual job. We won’t leave until every inch of your property is clean and free of debris.

Book a Houston Roofer Today

You can rely on Amstill Roofing’s time-tested perfection when you need a Houston roof replacement or repair service. We are guided by honor, integrity, and strength when providing the best Houston roofing services. We even provide emergency roof leak repair services. Contact us today for a free inspection!

How to Spot Cypress Hail Roof Damage

How to Spot Cypress Hail Roof Damage

Rainfall isn’t the only thing to watch out for during hurricane season—hailstones can cause serious damage to your property. If your roof is aging or hasn’t been regularly maintained, the destruction may be more significant. Amstill Roofing works on thousands of roofs every year with time-tested perfection. We provide Cypress roof replacement and repair services if your area has been recently hit by hail. So how can you tell if your roof is affected?

What Does Hail Roof Damage Look Like?

The harshest storms in Texas can yield hailstones the size of softballs. The more common hail storms will drop hail at least 1 inch in diameter. Because of their hardness and drop velocity, hailstones can cause great Cypress roof damage. Hail creates a random pattern on your roof and leaves black marks on asphalt shingles. It also causes granule loss and bruising, leaving your gutters full of sediments. Hail will leave noticeable dents and dings on any area of your exteriors, not just your shingles. Your flashing, vents, and gutters are all vulnerable to hail damage. 

How to Do an Inspection From the Ground

Houston roof experts don’t recommend that you go up to your roof yourself since this is a serious safety hazard. Whether you’re experienced in home maintenance or not, it’s better to request a professional roof inspection. Meanwhile, there are signs of Cypress hail roof damage that you can spot safely from the ground. Keep an eye out for dents, dings, and holes on the following:

  • Cars parked on your driveway
  • Downspouts (above 5 feet or more)
  • Garage door
  • Window screens
  • Mailbox
  • Electric meter, AC unit, grill

Review Your Insurance Policy

Cypress hail roof damage is considered an act of nature, so your insurance company will most likely cover some of the costs. If you suspect Cypress roof damage, it’s time to brush up on your insurance policy. Once you get a better idea, request a roof inspection from us so we can give you an accurate quote. Amstill Roofing operates under honor, integrity, and strength, so you can rely on us for factual information that will help you in your claim. We can also be present during your meeting with the insurance adjuster to answer any questions. With almost 50 years of industry experience, Amstill Roofing has helped many homeowners receive the payout they deserve.

Schedule a Repair for Cypress Hail Roof Damage

Don’t wait for Cypress hail roof damage to worsen—request a free roof inspection from Amstill Roofing right away. We are a family-owned and operated company that provides Houston roofing services with time-tested perfection. We’ve been around since 1974, so we understand the needs of our community. Our roofing track record is a testament to our level of workmanship and customer service. Contact us today to learn more!

Avoid Piney Point Village Roof Replacement Scams This Summer

Avoid Piney Point Village Roof Replacement Scams This Summer

As you’re getting ready to complete your home maintenance checklist this summer, it’s important to work with only a trusted roofing company. Amstill Roofing operates with time-tested perfection in every Piney Point Village roof replacement we do. We want to help you avoid roofing scams out there, so here are some tips to help you out.

Storm Chasers Knocking at Your Door

Summer is a time for scattered hurricanes, which means storm chasers are on the lookout for people to scam. They go door-to-door right after a storm hits to take advantage of vulnerable homeowners who need a quick fix for Piney Point Village roof damage. Be wary if someone conveniently shows up at your door, asking you to sign a contract so they can begin Piney Point Village roof replacement. You could be waving off your rights with your insurance company if you do so.

Pays for Your Insurance Deductible

A Houston roofer who has the intention of scamming you will offer to pay for your insurance deductible. This is a huge red flag and is in fact, illegal. It’s understandable if you think it’s convenient to have someone who claims to be a Houston roofer take care of your insurance. But remembers that only you can pay for your own insurance deductible.

Rates Too Good to Be True

A scammer will entice you with special discounts and give you estimates that are lower than the others. Even if they do complete your Piney Point Village roof replacement, they might do a mediocre job. They might even leave you with bigger roofing problems than you started with. If you’re not sure whether they’re a credible Piney Point Village roofer, be on the safe side and reject their too-good-to-be-true offer.

Demands to Pay Up Front

Another red flag to be wary of is a roofer who asks you to pay up front. Full-blown scammers will just run away with your money without even stepping foot on your roof. Make sure to do your research on a roofing company before making any down payment.

Only Work With a Licensed and Insured Roofer

With all these scamming tactics to watch out for, how do you know if you’re talking to actual Houston roof experts? Reputation is important in the roofing industry. Amstill Roofing is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Texas since 1974. You can ask any of our clients about our credibility—we have a roofing track record we’re proud of. We let the numbers speak for themselves. We have been in the industry for almost 50 years, and we work on thousands of roofs every year.

Schedule a Piney Point Village Roof Replacement Today!

Guided by honor, integrity, and strength, Amstill Roofing will complete your Piney Point Village roof replacement correctly and in a timely manner. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection near me!

Can the Heat Cause the Woodlands Roof Damage?

Can the Heat Cause the Woodlands Roof Damage?

Texas is known for its blistering heat during dry months, with temperatures reaching the high 90s and even 100 at the peak of summer. Damage from the heat is a common roofing problem that homeowners in the area experience. The sun’s UV rays can definitely cause the Woodlands roof damage just as much as heavy rain and strong winds can. Here are some signs that you need a repair job soon.

Cracked Shingles

Your shingles were designed to withstand heat, but they weren’t meant to last forever. After years of sun exposure, your shingles will start to deteriorate, and this is a normal process. Heat can cause your shingles to become brittle and split into pieces. You might even notice granule loss in the form of sediments collecting in your gutters. Because heat usually spreads evenly, a large area of your shingles will be affected. When you have the Woodlands roof damage of this extent, it’s time to have new shingles installed.

Roof Discoloration

As your shingles are constantly exposed to warm weather, they begin to lose their original color. Not only is this an aesthetic downgrade, but it’s also bad news on your roof’s functionality. Discolored shingles mean they don’t protect you as much as they used to when they were in better shape. If debris suddenly comes flying onto your roof, weak shingles will easily buckle and leave your home exposed. Before this happens, schedule the Woodlands roof replacement as soon as you can.

Melting Roof Parts

In areas known for intense heat, melting of roofing parts is a common problem. Materials like asphalt are vulnerable to the sun’s rays and humid air. You may also notice other the Woodlands roofing components start to curl. Your fascia and soffit boards take a beating after being under the sun consistently for so long. Metal parts in your roof also begin to warp. In instances where you see deformities to your roof, it’s best to call a Houston roofer near me.

How Bad Can Heat Damage Get?

The Woodlands roof damage from heat shouldn’t be taken lightly because it can lead to a series of long-term problems. If your shingles have cracks, then you’re leaving an opportunity for water to seep through. Once hurricane season hits, you’ll begin to feel the harsh effects of water damage. Houston roof experts recommend that at the first sign of heat damage, it’s time to call in for a repair job.

Address the Woodlands Roof Damage Today!

Do you have the Woodlands roof damage due to hot weather? Contact the professionals at Amstill Roofing, a family-owned and operated company known for its time-tested perfection. We have been proudly serving Texas since 1974 under the principles of honor, integrity, and strength. We work on thousands of roofs every year, and our reputation lies in those roofs. Contact us today for the best roofing service!

The Importance of Gutters on Your Spring, TX Roofing

The Importance of Gutters on Your Spring, TX Roofing

When most homeowners take the time to think about the state of their Spring TX roofing, it’s natural to focus on the state of their shingles, the decking underneath, or perhaps even the condition of the underlayment membrane between them. However, the most experienced Houston roof experts from Amstill Roofing would tell you not to ignore another critical but often overlooked component of your roofing system: your gutters.

What Gutters Do For Your Spring TX Roofing

Some homeowners may just see gutters as that part of your Spring TX roofing that you have to occasionally clear of debris. However, they play the critical role of managing water runoff from your roof and channeling it to where it can be properly drained. While this might not sound like an important task at first glance, there is a reason you have to call a Spring TX roofer should your gutters be clogged or otherwise inoperable. The harsh truth is that if you ignore your gutters and let them go into disrepair, needing a Spring TX roof replacement would be the least of your worries.

What Would Happen If Your Spring TX Roofing Didn’t Have Gutters?

The water that falls on your Spring TX roofing has to go somewhere. Gutters are designed to collect rainwater that falls on the roof and direct it away from the house. By channeling this water into downspouts and away from the foundation, gutters help prevent water damage to the roof, walls, and the entire structure of your home. Without gutters, rainwater can cascade down the sides of the house, leading to erosion of the very ground your home is standing on, leading to foundation problems, basement flooding, and other moisture-related issues. Now that you know the crucial role that gutters play in keeping your roof and home safe, you might be asking yourself, “Where can I find Houston roof experts near me to make sure my gutters are in good shape?”

Let Houston Roof Experts Near Me Check the Gutters of Your Spring TX Roofing

You should only entrust your roof to a Spring TX roofer with a track record and decades of experience. Amstill Roofing has served the Greater Houston area for over 47 years, guided by a code of honor, integrity, and strength. Our award-winning customer service has seen us work on over 30,000 roof replacements. Whether you choose to consult with our team of skilled professionals about inspecting your gutters or getting a Spring TX roof replacement, you’ll get advice that’s backed by over fifty years of collective experience in the industry. Call us today and let’s set an appointment for a free roof inspection at your earliest convenience!

Strengthen Your Houston Roof With DaVinci Roof Tiles

Strengthen Your Houston Roof With DaVinci Roof Tiles

As a homeowner, you’d want the best materials when it comes to your roof. Generic brands just won’t cut it if you want your roof to last for decades. Amstill Roofing proudly offers DaVinci roof tiles to give your home an edge in durability and aesthetic appeal. We are one of two Masterpiece Contractors authorized by DaVinci to install their products for a range of roofing services. Read on to know more about this renowned brand.

What Is DaVinci Roofing?

DaVinci Roofscapes is a renowned manufacturer of engineered slate and shake roof tiles. Before this innovative technology, homeowners had to install natural wood, which was both heavy and a fire hazard. DaVinci roof tiles mimic the look of traditional slate and shake while being more practical. When you get a Houston roof replacement with DaVinci products, you can be sure of lasting durability. 

Why Choose DaVinci Roof Shingles?

For over 20 years, DaVinci Roofscapes has been upholding the highest standards in quality and reliability. When expertly installed by Amstill Roofing’s Houston roofer, you get the following advantages with DaVinci roof tiles.

Natural Beauty

Modeled after natural slate and shake, DaVinci engineered roofing provides timeless beauty and an elegant look. Enhance your curb appeal when you choose DaVinci roof tiles. Whether you’re going for a classic or rustic style—or everything in between—DaVinci shingles will complement the rest of your exteriors.    

Premium Performance

DaVinci roof tiles are known for their composite construction that outperforms traditional wood. They have a class-A fire rating, class-4 impact rating, and a 110 mph wind rating. You can rest assured that your home is protected even during the harshest hurricanes.

Lasting Color

Shingles tend to lose their color from wear and tear, especially if you live in an area prone to extreme heat. DaVinci roof shingles are made of resins fortified by state-of-the-art UV stabilizers. Even during drought season, your shingles will keep their original color.

Types of DaVinci Roofing

DaVinci Roofscapes offers two types of shingles for you to choose from: slate and shake tiles. They are available in single-width and multi-width for a variety of budgets and needs. You can even choose the Bellaforte line for more savings. To keep things interesting, DaVinci roof tiles also come in different colors.

Hire Amstill Roofing to Install DaVinci Roof Tiles

Level up your home’s durability and beauty with DaVinci roof tiles. Amstill Roofing will flawlessly install your shingles to keep your roof in its best state yet. When you work with our Houston roof experts, you can expect time-tested perfection. Since 1974, our family-owned and operated company has been providing the best roofing services. We work with honor, integrity, and strength in mind. Just let our roofing track record speak for itself. Contact our Houston roofer today to schedule a free inspection!

Signs of Cinco Ranch Roof Damage

Signs of Cinco Ranch Roof Damage

A big part of home maintenance is making sure your roof stays in top shape all year round. When the hurricanes come, the only thing protecting you from the strong winds and heavy rain is your roof. Being mindful of Cinco Ranch roof damage can save you from scary accidents and property destruction. Here are some signs to watch out for.

You Have a Leak Problem

A tell-tale sign that you have Cinco Ranch roof damage is if you notice dripping water from your ceiling or attic. Leaks can also cause brown or yellow stains on your walls that may even look dried up. When there's a hole or crack in any of your roofing layers, it’s time to call Houston roof experts before your moisture problem worsens.

You Have Missing or Damaged Shingles

Notice at least one loose or broken shingle? Prevent your shingle problem from snowballing by booking a Cinco Ranch roof repair. Your shingles are your first line of defense against the harsh Texan weather. As such, they must be kept at a perfect state at all times to keep your home protected.

Your Drainage Isn’t Working Properly

Does water tend to back up in your drains and pipes? It could be caused by gutters clogged by debris, residue, and dirt. When you have clogged gutters, your home is prone to flooding and your roof can even collapse from the weight of excess water. This type of Cinco Ranch roof damage must be addressed immediately before the next storm arrives.

Your Energy Bills Increased

Your roofing and insulation systems are connected to each other. Cinco Ranch roof damage can lead to odd temperatures inside the home with energy bills skyrocketing. In faulty insulation, your home either doesn’t trap enough heat during the cold months or it absorbs too much heat in the dry season. Both of these can be traced back to some kind of damage in one or more of your roofing materials.

You Have Mold Growth

Mold, fungi, and algae growth are common in households that have hidden water damage. They can be present as black or green patches on your shingles, but they can also grow inside your home. They are an extreme health hazard, especially to young children. At the first sign of a mold problem, contact a Cinco Ranch roofer near me.

Solve Cinco Ranch Roof Damage Today!

Does your home have one or more of the issues listed above? Contact Amstill Roofing today to address your Cinco Ranch roof damage. We take pride in our time-tested perfection, which we’ve built in the past five decades of being in the industry. Our family-owned and operated company understands your needs as evident in the thousands of roofs we work on every year. We also let our roofing track record speak for itself. Schedule a free roof inspection with us today! 

Hurricane Season Is Here: What You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Houston Roofing

Hurricane Season Is Here: What You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Houston Roofing

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you know the importance of getting your roof ready in time for the strong winds and heavy downpour. The best thing to do is to be proactive when it comes to storm-proofing your Houston roofing. Afterall, hurricane damage to a roof that lacks maintenance is dangerous and expensive. To minimize safety hazards and repair expenses, it’s time to take up some preventive measures.

How a Hurricane Can Cause Houston Roof Damage

Hurricane season in Texas usually starts in June and peaks around August to September. Depending on the category, wind speeds can reach anywhere between 95 mph to 150 mph. Even on the low ends, a hurricane can cause the following:

  • Wind damage can wreak havoc on your home—blowing off your Houston roof or tearing equipment off. It loosens your shingles or completely rips them off. Wind also causes flying debris to impact your roof.
  • Water damage causes leaks that turn into mold, weaken your home’s structural integrity, and lead to rotting. You may start experiencing a faulty insulation system once excess water seeps into your roof’s layers.

Tips on Getting Your Roof Hurricane-Ready

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Houston roof experts recommend that you get an inspection twice a year to keep all roof components in check. These include your shingles, fascia, soffit boards, flashing, gutters, and more. Your Houston roofers will double check everything and perform the necessary repairs in time for the storms.

Minimize Potential Debris

If you have overhanging branches near your home, it’s time to give them a trim. Debris from trees is easily swept by a hurricane and can end up penetrating your roof. Also secure yard furniture or any other equipment that could fly off and hit your home.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Making sure your gutter system is fully functional is essential to prevent water buildup inside your home. Clean out any debris that is clogging your gutters and downspouts so that excess water does not sit around waiting to flood your home.

Keep Up to Date With Maintenance

If you’ve been putting off roof repairs, now is the time to cross them off your list. Contact Houston roofers near me to secure every corner of your roof as a preventive measure for the incoming storms.

Schedule a Houston Roofing Service Today!

As hurricane season approaches, have peace of mind knowing that your family and investments will be safe from harm. If you need help taking care of your Houston roofing, contact Amstill Roofing. We take pride in our time-tested perfection we’ve built over the decades. As a family-owned and operated company, we demonstrate honor, integrity, and strength in the thousands of roofing jobs we do every year. Allow our roofing track record to speak for itself! Feel free to request a free roof inspection.

Common Cypress Roofing Problems in Summer and How to Fix Them

Common Cypress Roofing Problems in Summer and How to Fix Them

Summer creates a tough environment for your Houston roofing. As the sun hits your shingles, a string of other roof damage can occur. Learn more about them here and how to minimize your summer roofing problems.

Shingle Cracking

Summer is a time of prolonged exposure to the sun. The first layer of your Cypress roofing that takes the brunt of the damage are your shingles. The sun can cause your shingles to crack and curl, which is the start of a series of severe roofing issues. Make sure to call your Cyress roofer when you see the first signs of shingle damage in summer.

Melting of Adhesive

Your Cypress roofing is held together by adhesive, and too much heat can cause this to melt. To prevent this type of damage, make sure to hire only reputable roofers near me. They make sure to use quality adhesive that won’t deteriorate during summer.

Color Fading

UV rays are extra intense in the summer; as such, your roof deck can take a beating from the blistering heat. The sun affects the coating of your roof, fading the colors and deteriorating poor-quality materials. If you notice your shingles aren’t as vibrant as they used to be, it could be a sign of sun damage.

Humidity Damage

Humidity or atmospheric moisture causes the temperature of your roof to be lower than the surrounding air. As a result, excess moisture can create leaks on a weak Cypress roofing system. To prevent this, contact a Cypress roofer to waterproof your roof using specialized materials.

Blocked Gutters

During summer, leaves and branches easily dry up and fall onto your home. They can create a blockage in your gutters and pipes, leading to a faulty drainage system. Failure to unclog your gutters can lead to bigger problems, such as a damaged foundation.

How to Solve Roof Damage in Summer

Damage from the sun is not easily seen by the naked eye, so it’s important to call Houston roof experts for a thorough inspection. They can perform the necessary Houston roof repairs to make sure your family is protected against extreme heat. Schedule roof repairs during summer can also get you ready for any hurricanes bound your way.

Schedule a Cypress Roofing Service Today!

As summer continues, do you notice early signs of roof damage? Have peace of mind knowing your investments are protected by contacting a trustworthy roofing company. Amstill Roofing takes pride in time-tested perfection when it comes to our Houston roofing services. We operate with honor, integrity, and strength. We let our roofing track record speak for itself. As a family-owned and operated company, we understand the needs of our community. Contact us today for a free roof inspection!