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Roof shingles being installed for Sugar Land roof repairs

Sugar Land Roof Damage You Should Repair In The Fall

Fall is in full swing and so are cooler temperatures. However, please remember that we are still in the midst of the Atlantic hurricane season until November 30th, and with the storms we have experienced over the years, you may finally be in need of some Sugar Land roof repairs. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common roof repairs needed in the fall to ensure your roof is sturdy and safe.

Sugar Land Roof Leak

It’s no secret that we have experienced extensive rainfall in the last few months. In the case that you have yet to receive a Sugar Land roof inspection, chances are you may have an unnoticed roof leak. Keep in mind that leaks don’t emerge in a single day. In fact, a roof leak may start to form in your attic but dry up for a while until it re-emerges, eventually flowing out through a corner in your ceiling or through a light fixture. Unfortunately, by the time you see the leak, serious and costly damage has likely already taken place and larger Sugar Land roof repairs will be necessary.

Curled Or Dipped Roof Shingles

Your Sugar Land roof should last between 15 and 20 years, but if you have yet to get a Sugar Land roof replacement, then your roof shingles might be in less-than-ideal condition. In this case, your roof may exhibit Sugar Land roof shingle curling, or, even worse, they may have blown off, which exposes the underlying material–and your home–to even more damage. Alternatively, your roof shingles may have dipped, which allows for rainwater to settle and pool. This only further weakens your roof shingles and can quickly lead to some of the worst roof leaks we have seen.

Sugar Land Roof Wind Damage Roof Repairs

Recently, the Greater Houston Area has experienced heavy tropical storm-force winds, which are notorious for damaging your roof. These winds could be responsible for curled or missing roof shingles. Additionally, these winds can blow lawn chairs, garden decor, and debris across your roof, which can puncture it and/or tear your roof shingles off.

Much-Needed Sugar Land Roof Repairs By Amstill Roofing

If your roof is aging and/or has been through many of our past hurricanes in the last 10-15 years, then please contact us for a free Sugar Land roof inspection. In this inspection, we will thoroughly walk along your roof and determine what damage it has sustained. Following this, we can recommend whether you need Sugar Land roof repairs or a full roof replacement in order to restore your roof’s integrity. 

Team of Houston roofers completing Tomball roof repair

Keep Your Tomball Roof Repairs Within Budget

During peak hurricane season, how strong and protective your roof is is likely one of the most important things you are thinking about, especially if you have never had any roofing work done since moving into your home years ago. Tomball roof repairs are a great way to reinforce your roofing so it can withstand the last few storms that are sure to form from now until the end of November. By seeking roof repairs, you are also allowing yourself to feel an increase in your peace of mind during a hectic and historic hurricane season. With that said, we know that investing in roof repair work is not something to be overlooked or taken lightly. In this article, we will offer our tips on how to keep your Tomball roof repairs within your budget.

Hidden Tomball Roof Repair Costs To Plan For

Keep in mind that when it comes to roof work, you don’t only pay for the job and the labor. There are some costs that may come up that our Tomball roofing contractor recommends you budget for. The national average roof repair cost is $894, but this can range between $300 to upwards of $1300, depending on the size of your roof and what other issues are discovered, including:

Pests And Mold

Living in the greater Houston area means homeowners are all too familiar with the humidity and rain that comes with living in a subtropical climate, especially now that we are in hurricane season. Because of the climate that is favorable for hurricanes to form, it’s very easy for mold and fungus to also form across your roof. If your roof is very worn and damaged, this encourages even more mold and fungus growth because moisture gets trapped more easily between lifted, damaged roof shingles.

Tomball Roof Leak And Roof Rot

Contrary to popular belief, water doesn’t leak through your walls, ceilings, or light fixtures right when a leak forms. In fact, roof leaks are usually present for a while before they finally make their way to where you can see them. This is why regular roof inspections are crucial; otherwise, you run the risk that your entire roofing system will rot down to the foundation. At this point, Tomball roof repairs won’t be enough and, instead, a Tomball roof replacement will be necessary. 

Minimize Extra Costs So You Have Leftover Money In Your Tomball Roof Repair Budget

The best way to minimize excessive roof repair costs is by performing regular Tomball roof maintenance and contacting us to seek a Tomball roof inspection. Because we know that all the planning in the world may not be enough, as unexpected hiccups are bound to occur, we also help you get in touch with your homeowner’s insurance and offer roof financing options because having adequate roofing shouldn’t break the bank.

tomball roof damage with missing shingles

Make Tomball Roof Repairs More Affordable With Amstill

A roof in Houston typically lasts an average lifespan of 15-20 years, but how long your particular roof lasts will depend on the type of roof shingles that were installed when you built your house or when you last got a roof replacement. Peak hurricane season is the busiest time of year for us, as many homeowners decide to get Tomball roof repairs to reinforce the strength of their structure. However, depending on how many repairs are needed, some homeowners may decide to hold off because they worry about breaking the bank, but did you know that our Houston roofing contractor can make your Tomball roof repair more affordable? Here’s how.

Finance Your Roof Repair With Our Houston Roof Financing Options

Financing your roof repair is a great way to manage the costs so you don’t have to forgo keeping your roof and your family safe as we brace for the remainder of the season. To accommodate multiple budgets, our Houston roofing company offers financing for periods lasting anywhere from 12 months to 180 months.

File A Roof Damage Claim With Your Homeowners Insurance

As a general rule of thumb, roofs that are less than 10 years old may be fully covered by your insurance company if you are in need of a repair or roof replacement, but it’s always best to read your policy beforehand to confirm. Once you’ve read through your policy, we recommend scheduling a roof inspection with us and with the insurance adjuster at the same time so that, while they inspect your roof in order to provide a quote, we can make sure they don’t miss any vital signs of roof damage. This way, you are sure to get the coverage you deserve. 

The process of filing a roof damage insurance claim on your Tomball roof repairs may seem lengthy and tedious, but rest assured that our Houston roofer will be there to assist you every step of the way because we don’t believe access to roof security should be hard to obtain. 

Amstill Roofing Is Here When You Need Affordable Tomball Roof Repair

If you think it’s time for a Tomball roof repair, then please contact us so we can inspect your roof and help you determine which affordable option is best for you. We look forward to reinforcing your roof so your home and your family are safe.

Woman holding a bucket to catch water while she waits for houston roof leak repair

How Much Does Houston Roof Leak Repair Cost?

With 2020’s historically active hurricane season, we have rightfully anticipated a plethora of emergency Houston roof leak repairs. As alarming as roof leaks may be for homeowners, our Houston roofers are here to help in a timely manner so you and your family can feel secure in your home again. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Houston Roof Leak, Really?

On average, repairing a leaky Houston roof may cost about $100 to $1,000, give or take. How much it costs to repair a leak also depends on how severe the leak is and how many roof shingles need to be replaced in order to prevent future problems. At Amstill Roofing, we care about making roof leak repair as affordable as possible and educating our customers on how to keep their roof in the best condition possible.

What Can Cause a Roof to Leak?

In order to keep your roof in good condition, it’s important to know what can cause a roof leak so you can take preventative measures when possible. Although leaks may seem sudden, they are anything but. A leaking roof in Houston could be caused by poor shingle installation, age, or wind damage.

Poor Shingle Installation

What can you do if your roof shingles were installed improperly? Repair the poorly installed ones, but be sure you pick a qualified Houston roofing contactor so your shingles are properly installed this time.


As our roofs age, they become more and more damaged, eventually becoming too weak to prevent leaks from forming. It’s a great idea to get a free seasonal roof inspection because, that way, our roofing contractors can spot the earliest signs that a leak may form, which gives us an opportunity to complete preventative repairs instead of investing in a premature Houston roof replacement. 

Wind Damage

During hurricanes and tropical storms, strong winds are notorious for blowing around lightweight items such as furniture, ornaments, and lawn decor. When tossed around, these items may puncture your roof, which welcomes water to drip into your home. If you are experiencing inclement weather, we recommend clearing your yard of these items ahead of time so you can protect your roof from a severe leak.

Amstill Roofing Completes One-Day Houston Roof Leak Repair

If you notice a leak, please contact us immediately so that we can complete a thorough roof inspection, free of charge. During our free inspection, we will climb onto your roof and take a careful look at your shingles and flashing to determine what caused the leak and repair it as needed. To make your roof leak repair more affordable, you can file a claim with your Houston homeowner’s insurance or look into our roof financing options.

Houston roofing contractor nailing roof shingles for Pearland roof repair

Reinforce Your Pearland Roof To Reduce Roof Damage

With Tropical Storm Beta’s heavy rain that has hit us over the past few days, you might be wondering if your roof can withstand it and other storms that may form from now until the end of November. Our Pearland roofer recommends reinforcing your roof in order to reduce the amount of damage it could sustain through the remainder of the hurricane season. 

The First Step To Reinforcing Your Roof Is Getting A Free Pearland Roof Inspection

We can’t reinforce your roof if we don’t know what needs to be reinforced. First, we’ll conduct a thorough roof inspection. Our Houston roofing contractor has over 40 years of roofing experience, so you can rest assured that we’ll spot any signs of Pearland roof damage that need to be addressed. We’ll inspect your roof shingles, your gutters, and your siding, and we may also conduct an internal inspection in your attic. Once we determine all of the areas that have sustained roof damage, we can proceed with Pearland roof repairs.

Roof Repairs That Will Reinforce Your Pearland Roof

Wind Damage

Tropical storms are harmful to your roof because they may bring excessive winds in addition to rain. These winds are strong enough to blow lawn decor and even some light outdoor furniture, which can puncture your roof. Winds can also cause your roof shingles to curl or fly off of your roof, which can be undetected for long periods of time unless you get an inspection. If winds didn’t directly damage your roof, keep in mind that critters can damage your roof as a way to gain access through it into your attic. 

Pearland Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks typically follow wind damage, especially if your shingles have been punctured. Your Houston roof shingles should last an average of 15-20 years even if it has been damaged, but if you have never had a Pearland roof replacement, then they might be in less-than-ideal condition. Unfortunately, roof leaks may go unnoticed until they’re severe, so it’s crucial that through our inspection we spot the beginning of a leak.

Amstill Roofing Is Prepared To Meet Your Pearland Roof Repair Needs In One Day

As Houstonians, we know that storm damage is serious and puts your house and your family at risk. Because of this, we want to make absolutely certain that your roof can handle whatever damage any future storms bring so you and your family can feel safe and secure. You don’t want to wait until devastating damage has taken place on your roof before you reinforce it, so please contact us so we can schedule a roof inspection. After inspection, we can complete Pearland roof repairs within a single day’s work.