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Houston Roof Repair

Common Houston Roof Repairs Needed in the Spring Season

Common Houston Roof Repairs Needed in the Spring Season

Not only do we recommend seasonal roof inspections during the fall and spring, but we also recommend getting roof repairs done during these months. By getting a roof repair or replacement done in the fall, your house is ready for the holiday season. By getting repairs or a roof replacement completed in the spring, your roof is ready to be enjoyed all summer, and this ensures it is strong and durable enough to withstand the hurricane season. However, spring in Houston brings a lot of damage to your roof, so here are some of the common roof repairs that should be done at this time. 

Hail Damage Roof Repair

As we said before in our blog about how to identify hail damage, we are in the middle of the hail season. Because of this, shingle repair or replacement often takes place. When shingles are punctured by hail, this makes way for devastating leaks to occur, so the ruined shingles must be replaced and/or repaired as soon as possible.

Roof Leaks

You guessed it, roof leaks are another common problem around this time of year. They may be caused by hail, but they may also be caused by aging shingles. If your Houston roof should last an average of 10-15 years and you haven’t replaced it, then chances are they are in poor condition. Perhaps they have curled or even flown off your roof as the result of Hurrican Harvey and you simply didn’t realize. Or, alternatively, your shingles have dipped, allowing for rain to settle and pool. This will easily make room for a bad leak, so if aging is a factor, please get a roof replacement as soon as possible. 


We often talk about debris and precipitation, but pests are another cause for concern. Loose shingles, or missing ones, not only create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, but they also give squirrels, raccoons, or other pests a chance to find their way into your home through your attic. This creates yet another opening for leaks and disrupts your home.

Get a Free Inspection by Amstill Roofing in Houston

Because these problems easily arise in the spring, we recommend you first contact us for a free roof inspection. We will thoroughly examine your siding, roof, gutters, downspouts, and may suggest inspecting your attic as well. This way we’ll be able to see how much damage needs to be repaired.

Protecting a roof from leaks during a rainstorm

Have a Roof Leak? Amstill Roofing in Houston Can Repair Your Roof so It's as Good as New

Now that we’re approaching the end of April, we’re also in the middle of Houston’s spring season, which means rain, thunderstorms, and possibly hail. With these new weather conditions, you may expect to find a leak. 

How Do Roof Leaks Occur?

Although leaks may seem sudden, they are anything but. They often start gradually and go unnoticed until they escape through a light fixture or a corner between where the ceiling and wall meet. If you haven't gotten a roof replacement or done any roof repairs, then leaks are more likely to occur. 

A leaking roof in Houston could be caused by incorrect shingle installation, which leaves space for rain to make its way underneath the shingles and into the house. Leaks may also occur due to an aging roof, in which case the shingles are far too weakened to provide strong enough of a barrier between precipitation and the underlying structure. 

A third cause of a roof leak is flying debris. Although this is more common and severe during hurricane season, the sudden gusts of wind, paired with the rain that spring gives us, make it easy for debris to end up on your roof. When there are strong winds, yard debris, and even furniture and decor may get caught up in a gust of wind and puncture your shingles, allowing for rain to seep into your roof. 

Remember, water doesn’t necessarily leak out of the same spot it entered your home. There are a few common places you should check. Start in your attic, but also check light fixtures and corners.

Amstill Roofing in Houston Offers Roof Leak Repair

If you notice or suspect a leak, then please take emergency measures, but then contact us immediately after so that we can do an emergency repair. We have to work quickly in order to avoid insulation damage and rotting in the walls. If rotting has already occurred because the leak has been present for a long time, then we want to be sure to clear it all out to keep you, your family, and the rest of your house safe. After we’ve patched the leak, we’ll complete a thorough roof inspection, free of charge. This will help us determine what exactly caused the leak, and whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement to ensure it doesn’t reappear. 

How Rain May Damage Your Houston Roof

How Rain May Damage Your Houston Roof

Now that we’ve welcomed April, we are also welcoming showers. You know the saying, right? April Showers Bring May Flowers. But before the flowers come, the rain will start falling, which can quickly turn to heavier storms here in Houston. Because of this, excessive rain can very easily damage your roof. Here’s how your roof may become damaged by rainwater and how Amstill Roofing can help. 

Weakened Shingles

If your roof shingles have fallen victim to serious storms, such as hail storms and hurricane season, and you haven’t replaced them, then chances are they are very weak. Their weakness is apparent in run-down shingle granules, as well as through buckling. Buckled shingles are those that seem to be sunken down in the center. Too many buckled shingles will often cause large dips in your roof where water may settle, and this long-term exposure to water softens them, meaning they will no longer effectively protect your roof.

Cracked Shingles

Once the shingles soften due to their weakened state, they may crack from winds that toss debris, such as tree branches or garden decor, onto the roof. Additionally, now that it is hail season, hailstones are all the more likely to pierce and chip your roof, creating cracks and holes. Remember, hail only needs to be the size of a quarter to inflict damage upon your roof and gutters, and the damage is more severe if your roof is already in poor condition.

Roof Leaks

As a result of weak shingles and holes, rainwater will much more easily find a way inside your home. Although you will likely not spot a leak right away, it will slowly build up inside your attic and the walls before it finds an opening, such as through a light fixture. Left unaddressed, this can become costly.

How Our Houston Roofing Company Can Fix Your Roof if it’s Been Damaged by Rain

Because we know how easy it is for roofs to experience rain damage this season, we are ready to complete any roofing services. Before that, though, we must complete a free roof inspection to see if you should get a roof repair or a roof replacement. This will depend on just how damaged your roof is and how much longer we predict it will stay intact. The good news, though, is that regardless of which option you end up going with, we offer helpful financing and complete most of our jobs within a single day. Please contact our Houston roofers so we can help protect your roof from rain damage.

Spring Roof Repair to Reinforce Your Houston Roof

Spring Roof Repair to Reinforce Your Houston Roof

The sunny and enjoyable weather certainly has us in the vibrant, spring mood. Although there hasn’t been as much rain, it will start making its way over in no time, and when that happens, both you and your roof should be prepared. Now is a great time to get repairs completed in order to reinforce your Houston roof.

First Things First: Get A Free Roof Inspection From Amstill

Before we complete any necessary repairs, we must first do a thorough inspection in order to assess the extent of the damage to your roof. Damage may result from past thunderstorms, hail storms, wind damage, hurricanes, and even aging, which makes your roof more susceptible to damage than its newer, sturdier counterparts. Because this is such a crucial step in protecting and reinforcing your roof, we offer it at no charge so you can feel certain of your roof’s integrity at all times.

How does this damage manifest? Roof damage can take many forms, but we most commonly see it in missing shingle granules, curling or cracked shingles, missing shingles, dark or wet shingles, a stain on the ceiling in the attic, and dents. We may also determine that damage has taken place if we see bowing or distorted walls.

What Kinds of Repairs May Be Offered?

Once we have completed a thorough Houston roof inspection, we will determine how many repairs need to be completed. We may replace missing, buckling, cracked, and weakened shingles with brand new ones. We may also offer chimney flashing repairs if your flashing has dings and dents, which can result from hail storm damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may decide to finance your roof repair or seek help from your homeowner’s insurance. Whichever you decide, we will gladly utilize our 40+ years of experience to assist you along the way. After all, a reliable roof is non-negotiable, and nothing should prevent you from having one.

Amstill Will Meet Your Houston Roof Repair Needs

Our team wants to ensure your home’s safety, as well as that of your family as we gradually begin experiencing rainier weather. If you are thinking about repairing your roof, then please contact us so we can conduct our free inspection.

Signs Your Houston Roof is Damaged

Signs Your Houston Roof is Damaged

Your roof is a key component of your entire house, as it keeps the underlying structure secure and also ensures you and your family are safe. Because of its crucial nature, it is important you can spot signs of damage and address them as soon as possible for the safety of your home life. Here are some key signs to regularly keep an eye out for.

Think About How Old Your Roof Is

Aging is the most obvious sign we recommend Houston homeowners consider. In Houston, most roofs last about 15-20 years on average, but this also depends on the type of shingles you currently have installed on your roof. If you used simple 3-tab shingles, then your roof will last less than it would have if you utilized architectural shingles. If your roof has reached its lifespan, then it may be time for a roof replacement.

Check on the Condition of Your Shingles

Another sign to look for is in the condition of your shingles. When they are well in-tact, they will lay flat against your roof and remain sturdy. We recommend you keep an eye on the corners of your rooftop, where shingles are most prone to curling. With excessive wind damage, these corner shingles can easily fly off and cause a chain reaction in the neighboring shingles. In this case, a smaller-scale roof repair may be enough to reinforce the integrity of your roofing.

Check for Water Damage

When checking for water damage, it’s a good idea to check in the attic. Look around for water stains on the ceilings and walls, as well as mold and areas in the walls or ceiling that are warped. If you see any of these signs, it is likely that your roof is compromised somewhere and has made way for rain to flow in. If this is the case, the underlying wood in your home may be rotted and in need of replacement to continue to hold up the structure of your home and prevent more mold growth.

Amstill Roofing in Houston Will Complete a Free Roof Inspection

If you are in the Katy, Kingwood, Sugarland or other areas of Houston and have noticed any of these signs, then please contact our Houston roofers. We will schedule a free roof inspection to assess how damaged your roof is and determine whether a simple repair will suffice or if you need a full roof replacement. We complete about 90% of our roofing jobs within a single day so you can get back to living securely.