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In-tact Kingwood roof from getting roof repairs or roof replacement

Repair A Roof Instead Of Getting Kingwood Roof Replacement

For homeowners who believe their homes are exhibiting Kingwood roof damage, there are two options: repairing their roof or replacing their roof. In this article, we will explain the difference between these options and why sometimes repairs just aren’t enough.

What Is The Difference Between Roof Repairs And Kingwood Roof Replacement?

“Patching” and repairing your roof may be considered synonyms, but there is a slight difference between them. However, both fall under repairs.

Kingwood roof repairs are usually done on a smaller section of your roofing, such as where a Kingwood roof leak has formed or where your roof has sustained wind damage. If you decide to “patch” your roof, this usually means replacing a few isolated roof shingles and fixing up a much smaller portion of your roof.

With a Kingwood roof replacement, we replace your entire roof by stripping its materials down to the decking. This process is recommended when the roof damage is severe.

Is It Okay To Patch Your Roof Instead Of Getting More Extensive Roof Work?

While we understand the need to save money, patchwork is rarely enough to keep you and your loved ones safe. Here’s why.

Your Roof Shingles Are Nailed Together

First and foremost, roof shingles are not individually nailed down, one at a time. They are nailed down in strips of roof shingles that are attached to one another, so when one roof shingle is torn off, this inevitably leads to the adjacent roof shingles ripping away as well. If balding sections of your roof is your only concern, then we may be able to replace a section of your roofing with some Kingwood roof repairs.

Roof Damage Usually Goes Beyond A Few Stray Roof Shingles

Similar to the prior point we made, roof damage tends to span across various areas of your roofing system. For example, if your roof shingles fly off, the underlayment is then exposed, which allows for water from rainstorms to seep into the interior of your structure and creates severe leaks and mold within your system. 

Sometimes, Roof Damage Requires A Kingwood Roof Replacement

If enough of your underlayment is soaked through and warped, or if your roof is sagging anywhere, this means the underlying structure has long been compromised. In this case, roof repairs will not suffice because the damage is underneath, so a Kingwood roof replacement will be vital.

Unsure Of Whether To Get Kingwood Roof Repairs Or Kingwood Roof Replacement? Amstill Roofing Can Offer Guidance

Getting any roof work done is a big decision, so we understand the hesitation. However, if you think you might need repairs or a Kingwood replacement, please contact us so we can conduct a free roof inspection. This way, our professionals who have over 40 years of experience can assess your roof for you and determine whether roof repairs or Kingwood roof replacement are best for you.

Houston roof with moss and algae spots

Does Your Tomball Roof Have Algae? Repair It With Amstill

Humidity is essentially synonymous with Houston, and if you’re a homeowner in Houston, then you are no stranger to this. Not only does the humidity make for unbearable heat in the summer, but it also invites algae to develop on your roof. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between moss and algae, how algae can damage your roof, and what you can do to protect it.

The Difference Between Moss And Algae

When homeowners see anything green on their roofs, they will refer to it as algae, moss, or mold. Moss and algae are both green, unwelcome plants, but they have their differences. For one, moss is a small, short plant that grows by collecting water through its leaves instead of through its roots. 

On the other hand, algae ranges in color from green to black, lays flat on your roof, and doesn’t have any distinct roots or leaves. Both species thrive in dark, moist environments that experience limited disturbance.

How Does Algae Cause Tomball Roof Damage?

Algae will appear as spots or streaks along your roof and is often confused with mold. If you invested in an energy-efficient roof, the algae will impede your roof’s ability to reflect sunlight. When this occurs, you’ll notice a higher energy bill. Algae damage will also cause your roof shingles to dry out, which will cause them to lose their shape, become brittle, and crumble and crack over time. 

What You Can Do To Reduce Tomball Roof Damage From Algae

Here are some helpful tips to prevent algae growth.

Keep Your Roof And Gutters Clear

Regularly perform Tomball roof maintenance so that plants and twigs don’t build up on your roof and harbor moisture, as this is the perfect way to encourage algae growth. By also trimming your trees, you’ll let the sun’s rays onto your roof, which will stop the growth process of algae right in its tracks.

Get Tomball Roof Repairs And Tomball Roof Replacement As Needed

If your roof has sustained significant damage from algae, then you may need a few Tomball roof repairs. If the damage is severe and widespread enough, you may even need a Tomball roof replacement. 

To mitigate algae growth, we recommend you get Tomball roof inspections on a regular basis so we can spot this damage early on and take care of it. The last thing you want to do is delay your roof repairs or roof replacement when you notice algae streaks on your roofing, as ignoring it will only worsen the problem.

If you would like to inspect your roof and/or get a quote for Tomball algae streak roof repair, then please contact us so we can schedule an inspection and give you an estimate.

Squirrel causing Sugar Land roof damage

Have You Spotted Critters On Your Sugar Land Roof?

In the suburbs, it's very common for small animals to make their way onto your roof at any given time during the year. Did you know that, although a critter scurrying across your trees and roof seems harmless, this can actually bring extensive damage to your roof? In this article, we will explain why critters are a valid cause for worry and what you can do to deter them and protect your Sugar Land roof.

Critters Moving Into Your Sugar Land Roof

Critters such as birds, squirrels, and other small animals are notorious for scurrying across Houston roofs. Unfortunately, when critters make their way onto your roof they can bring plenty of damage with them. This damage, if left unaddressed, may result in the need for extensive Sugar Land roof repairs or even a Sugar Land roof replacement. The following are tips we recommend to homeowners so they can be proactive in dealing with critters and the accompanying Sugar Land roof damage.

Take A Look In Your Attic

If you rarely go into your attic, critters can easily turn your attic into their shelter. It's a good idea to check all potential access points for evidence that a critter has moved in, but it's possible to miss some of the signs. If you want to be positive that critters live in your attic, we recommend you get a Sugar Land roof inspection by our expert roofing crew with over 40 years of experience. 

First, we’ll climb onto your roof and walk on it while checking for tracks or even chewing marks at potential access points. We may also take a look in your attic for similar signs. Most of the time, Sugar Land roof repairs are all you need in order to safeguard your roof and prevent critters from moving back in, so we will also offer an estimate and then complete the necessary Sugar Land roof repairs.

Don’t Overlook The Need For Sugar Land Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is one of the best ways to be proactive in making your roof last. Proper maintenance ensures that easily avoidable roof damage is prevented so that small amounts of roof damage don’t quickly amount to the need for Sugar Land roof replacement. Roof maintenance has little to no costs and is easily done.

Amstill Roofing Will Safeguard Your Sugar Land Roof Against Critter Damage

Just because critters that wander onto your roof are small does not mean that the damage they cause is small as well. To be sure your home is not at risk of critter invasion or further critter damage, please contact us so we can begin with a Sugar Land roof inspection and make appropriate recommendations.

Close-up image of Friendswood roof shingle granules

Are There Friendswood Roof Shingle Granules In Your Gutters?

Today, most roof shingles are topped with little granules, and although they may seem pretty insignificant, these are a critical component of your overall roofing system. In this article, our Friendswood roofing company will explain why roof shingle granules matter and what it means if you happen to find some in your gutter system.

What Makes Friendswood Roof Shingle Granules So Important?

Not only do granules contribute to the color of your roofing, but they also offer reliable protection for your entire roof so that it does a better job of protecting you.

Houston is notorious for heavy thunderstorms, some of which bring strong winds and hail. Heavy rains and hail land rather roughly on your roof shingles, and strong winds can blow lightweight outdoor furniture and lawn decor onto your roof, directly impacting the shingles. These granules serve as an extra layer of protection since they are what take on most of the damage upon impact. Beneath the granules, the underlying roof shingles remain intact, at least until enough granules have been chipped away and the underlying shingles become exposed.

What To Do If You Notice Roof Shingle Granules In Your Gutters

It’s a good idea to perform Friendswood roof maintenance to promote your roof's longevity. If you're cleaning out your gutters and notice some granules have fallen into them, this is bad news for your roof. Chances are that your roof is exhibiting balding, which can take place on individual shingles and on larger areas of your roof. 

As we gradually approach a rainy spring, the fact that your roof is missing some of its shingle granules means that your roof shingles will be more prone to direct rain damage, such as Friendswood roof leaks. Further, a weakened roof makes it easier for critters to make their way into your home. 

If you find roof shingle granules in your gutters, it’s imperative that you get a free, professional Friendswood roof inspection so that a certified roofer such as Amstill can walk along your roofing and determine how extensive the damage is. This way, you don’t put yourself at risk and we can give you a detailed report of what we have found on your roof. With this information, we can discuss with you whether your home needs Friendswoof roof replacement or some Friendswood roof repairs and make the appropriate recommendation.

Reliable Friendswood Roof Repairs By Amstill Roofing

Your roof shingle granules may be small, but they play a big role in protecting your roof and the underlying structure. Please contact us if you discover missing granules so that we can inspect the issue and ensure your roof is fixed and protected.

Pearland roof that needs repairs due to bald spots and broken roof shingles

When To Get Pearland Roof Repairs

Pearland roof repairs are one of the best ways to promote the longevity of your roof before it’s time for a roof replacement. However, it can be hard to tell if and when you need repairs, so in this article, our Pearland roofing company will offer insight on what you should look out for. These signs will let you know that it’s likely time to get some much-needed repairs. 

Your Roof Is 20 Years Old

In Houston, roofs can last an average of 20 years, but remember that a higher quality roof means that it’s more likely to last longer. If your roof is over 20 years old, then this is a long time frame for plenty of damage to occur.

Your Roof Shingles Are Curled Up

Sturdy shingles in good condition will lay flat against your roof, so when they curl or warp it’s bad news. This usually means that your roof shingles are severely weakened and will no longer offer the protection that your roof needs.

Are You Seeing Bald Spots Across Your Roof?

Bald spots may either occur on individual roof shingles or on larger portions of your roof. Balding on singular shingles usually occurs because things like wind damage, hail damage, and long-term damage tear granules off of your shingles. These granules are what give roof shingles their texture and serve as an additional layer of protection. When the granules are gone, your roof shingles are more prone to heavier, direct damage.

As for bald spots across large areas on your roof, this occurs when strong winds like those during hurricane season rip off your roof shingles. This is even more likely to occur when your roof shingles start to curl, as this makes it easier for the wind to rip them away. If enough roof shingles are missing, this will result in the need for Pearland roof replacement.

Think You Might Be In Need Of Pearland Roof Repairs?

You may be able to check for these signs of Pearland roof damage from an upstairs window or from beneath your roof, but the best way to know for certain if your roof is exhibiting any of these signs is to contact us for a free Pearland roof inspection. This way, we can take an in-depth look at your roof’s current condition and determine whether you need Pearland roof repairs or if you would benefit from a complete replacement.