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Are There Friendswood Roof Shingle Granules In Your Gutters?

Are There Friendswood Roof Shingle Granules In Your Gutters?

Today, most roof shingles are topped with little granules, and although they may seem pretty insignificant, these are a critical component of your overall roofing system. In this article, our Friendswood roofing company will explain why roof shingle granules matter and what it means if you happen to find some in your gutter system.

What Makes Friendswood Roof Shingle Granules So Important?

Not only do granules contribute to the color of your roofing, but they also offer reliable protection for your entire roof so that it does a better job of protecting you.

Houston is notorious for heavy thunderstorms, some of which bring strong winds and hail. Heavy rains and hail land rather roughly on your roof shingles, and strong winds can blow lightweight outdoor furniture and lawn decor onto your roof, directly impacting the shingles. These granules serve as an extra layer of protection since they are what take on most of the damage upon impact. Beneath the granules, the underlying roof shingles remain intact, at least until enough granules have been chipped away and the underlying shingles become exposed.

What To Do If You Notice Roof Shingle Granules In Your Gutters

It’s a good idea to perform Friendswood roof maintenance to promote your roof's longevity. If you're cleaning out your gutters and notice some granules have fallen into them, this is bad news for your roof. Chances are that your roof is exhibiting balding, which can take place on individual shingles and on larger areas of your roof. 

As we gradually approach a rainy spring, the fact that your roof is missing some of its shingle granules means that your roof shingles will be more prone to direct rain damage, such as Friendswood roof leaks. Further, a weakened roof makes it easier for critters to make their way into your home. 

If you find roof shingle granules in your gutters, it’s imperative that you get a free, professional Friendswood roof inspection so that a certified roofer such as Amstill can walk along your roofing and determine how extensive the damage is. This way, you don’t put yourself at risk and we can give you a detailed report of what we have found on your roof. With this information, we can discuss with you whether your home needs Friendswoof roof replacement or some Friendswood roof repairs and make the appropriate recommendation.

Reliable Friendswood Roof Repairs By Amstill Roofing

Your roof shingle granules may be small, but they play a big role in protecting your roof and the underlying structure. Please contact us if you discover missing granules so that we can inspect the issue and ensure your roof is fixed and protected.

Cypress Roof Damage Caused By Moss And How To Prevent It

Cypress Roof Damage Caused By Moss And How To Prevent It

Living as a homeowner in Houston means you are no stranger to the humidity our city experiences. Unfortunately, this humidity does more than make the summer heat unbearable–it also poses a risk to your roofing by inviting moss and algae to move in. In this article, we will explain the difference between the two, how moss affects your roof, and what you can do to protect it.

What Is Moss And How Does Moss Cause Cypress Roof Damage?

Moss is a small, short plant that grows by collecting water through its leaves rather than its roots. Because moss will grow and spread very quickly, in doing so it tends to lift and curl your shingles. When your roof shingles no longer lay flat against your roof, it’s incredibly easy for wind storms to blow your shingles away and for water to soak into the spaces. In turn, this may cause roof leaks and structural rot. Further, when your Cypress roof shingles are raised, this just creates more space for moss growth.

Protecting Your Roof From Moss

Now that you understand the damage this small plant can cause, here’s how to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

Keep Your Roof And Gutters Clear

Regularly perform Cypress roof maintenance so that plants and twigs don’t build up on your roof and harbor moisture. By also trimming your trees, you’ll let the sun’s rays onto your roof, which will stunt any moss growth.

Get Cypress Roof Repairs And Cypress Roof Replacement As Needed

If moss has damaged your roof, then you may need a few Cypress roof repairs. If the damage is severe and widespread, you may even need a Cypress roof replacement. We recommend you get Cypress roof inspections on a regular basis so we can spot this damage early on and take care of it. You don’t want to hold off on your roof repairs or replacement, especially if your roof is dealing with moss.

If you would like to inspect your roof or get a quote for moss damage Cypress roof repair, then please contact us so we can schedule an inspection and give you an estimate. We look forward to giving you back your roof!

How To File An Insurance Claim For Kingwood Roof Repairs

How To File An Insurance Claim For Kingwood Roof Repairs

Your roof may last about 20 years in Houston before it’s time to get it replaced, but before you get a replacement, it’s a good idea to also get roof repairs every now and then as a way to prolong your roof as much as possible until it’s time to replace it. Did you know that you could also use your homeowner’s insurance to help pay for your Kingwood roof repairs? In this article, we will break down all the steps you should take if you want to file a roof insurance claim to help pay for your repairs.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With Your Policy

In general, roofs that are younger than 10 years old tend to be fully covered by insurance providers. However, not all insurance policies are created equal, so be sure to review yours again so you are aware of what your insurance policy can cover. 

Step 2: Schedule A Free Kingwood Roof Inspection And Estimate

Once you understand your policy, you should get an estimate. We offer free inspections and quotes, so all you need to do is schedule an inspection with us so we can assess your roof’s level damage.

Step 3: Schedule Your Insurance Adjuster

As part of the process of filing an insurance claim, your roofing insurance company will want to take a look at your roof so they can determine how much coverage to offer. We recommend you schedule a date and time in which our own roof inspector can also attend. This way, we can also ensure the scope of work honors city compliance.

Step 4: Getting The Necessary Kingwood Roof Repairs

Once your insurance claim has been submitted and your coverage finalized, we will proceed with your Kingwood roof repairs–and don't worry, we will bring all the necessary materials and work in a timely manner so you can feel safe and secure beneath your roof again. 

Amstill Roofing Is Here For Your Kingwood Roof Repair Needs

As a local Kingwood roofing contractor that serves several cities and suburbs within the Greater Houston Area, we take great pride in helping Houstonians feel secure in their home. If you would like to proceed with roof repairs, please contact us. We will happily service your roof for you!

Expert Roof Leak Repairs In Tomball

Expert Roof Leak Repairs In Tomball

We’ve had quite a fair amount of rain this month with more to come as we gradually transition into spring. With more rain, though, some homeowners may discover sudden leaks. In this article, we will discuss how roof leaks occur and what you can do to preserve your home.

When Do Roof Leaks Form?

Although leaks may seem sudden, they’re actually far from it. A Tomball roof leak will usually start to gradually form, which means they’ll go unnoticed for a while. As the leak worsens over time, it will eventually escape through a light fixture or through a corner in your ceiling.

What Causes A Tomball Roof Leak?

There are a number of factors that can cause a roof leak, including:

Improper Roof Shingle Installation:

If you’re in a brand new build or find it odd that you have a roof leak when your roof is relatively young, the leak may have been caused by poor roof shingle installation. Chances are the shingles weren’t properly fastened, leaving gaps through which water can enter.

Aging Roof:

In contrast, a very old roof can cause a roof leak to develop if the shingles are weakened enough, which breaks the seal between the roof shingles and the underlayment.

Flying Debris:

Notorious during the hurricane season, large gusts of wind are capable of hurling lawn decor and even lightweight furniture across your roof, piercing it and tearing your roof shingles off, which makes way for rain to enter your home.

Amstill Roofing in Houston Offers High-Quality Tomball Roof Leak Repair

Depending on how the weather has been and how long the leak has been present in your home, your leak could be minor or severe. Regardless, if you notice a large leak, please take immediate emergency measures and contact us. Although we will do our best to arrive as soon as possible, any measures you can take in the meantime will be the difference between preserving your walls and flooring and having to spend additional money to replace those. 

After we’ve fixed your Tomball roof leak, we’ll complete a thorough, free roof inspection so we can determine whether you need Tomball roof repairs or roof replacement in order to prevent another leak.

Sugar Land Roof Damage You Might See At This Time Of Year

Sugar Land Roof Damage You Might See At This Time Of Year

Although Houston is usually associated with scorching hot and humid weather most of the year, our milder winters can still be bad enough to cause and/or accelerate roof damage. In this article, we will talk about different kinds of roof damage you are likely to see at this time of year and how Amstill can help.

Freezing Rain

Although it may not seem like it, freezing rain can seriously damage your Houston roof. We’ve had a few nights reach freezing or below freezing and a few mornings in which our roofs are covered in sleet, which forms when the cloud temperature is enough to produce rain while the temperature beneath the clouds is colder, which can freeze the rain as it falls and lands on your roof.

While sleet in the morning seems pretty light and insignificant, if your roof is already weakened due to years of damage, this sleet will melt into water that may then leak into your attic, eventually developing into a larger leak that compromises the structure.


Condensation occurs when the warm air from the heat in your house comes into contact with the cold exterior of your home, and often right on your roof. Excessive condensation may lead to mold and mildew on your roof, which will rot and deteriorate the structure.

Wind Damage

Though we don’t get blizzards and snowstorms, we do get some pretty windy days. Cold, harsh winds in the winter are capable of blowing underneath curling roof shingles and tearing them off. These winds may also dry out your roof shingles over the years, causing them to become brittle and more prone to cracking and breakage. Wind damage may also cause other problems in addition to this.

Just Because Our Winters Are Mild Doesn’t Mean Your Home Won’t Experience Sugar Land Roof Damage

Sugar Land roof damage is real in the winter, especially if your roof shingles are older. If you suspect that your home has sustained Sugar Land roof damage this winter, please contact us so we can inspect your roof for free. This inspection will let us see the extent of damage and determine if you need Sugar Land roof repairs or roof replacement in order to reinforce your roof. As we gradually enter spring and the rain and hail that comes with it, you will want your roof to be strong enough to withstand this level of damage.