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Beautiful Brand New Roof Replacement For Houston Homeowners!

13410 Butterfly Ln. completedSMALL

What began as a routine inspection for this two-story home, with a roof older than 15 years of age, turned into a complete roof replacement as an end result. Initially,  this home had no noticeable leaks or issues but wasn’t privy to a few storm-related damages that had been found after a full thorough inspection of the roof. Knowing they had rats AND bats sneak into the home, it was only a matter of time before we found the opening. After scheduling an adjuster meeting, both ourselves and the adjuster reached the conclusion that the best route was for a full replacement of the roof. We assisted the homeowners through the insurance process and was able to install a beautiful brand new roof replacement for these happy Houston homeowners. This stunning home features the Owens Corning “Estate Grey” colored shingle.

Beautiful Completed Roof Replacement For Two-Story Home In Katy, TX!

1703 Dufrey Lane completedSMALL

Amstill was able to help these kind folks get their roof replaced and restore their faith in roofing companies once again! The homeowners originally reached out to another roofing company and filed an insurance claim. To make a long story short, they had an awful experience with them and ended up not moving forward with that company. A close friend of theirs highly recommended Amstill Roofing to them, where afterward they finally reached out to us. This two-story home had an original roof that was built in 1978 with a few repairs administered to the roof in between then up to date. We addressed a leak by their chimney where they did have a main concern for that from the water stain that appeared on the ceiling near that area. We also discovered some hail damages that we were able to help them proceed with the claim and get their roof covered, replaced, and raised the value of their home as a result. They had been seeking a company that was willing to fight for them and help them in every way possible. Luckily, we were able to cross paths and be that company for them. This lovely home features the Owens Corning “Onyx Black” colored shingle.

Gorgeous Houston Home With A Brand New Roof Replacement!

8010 Meadowglen Lane 2 completedSMALL

This single-story home had replaced their roof over 20 years, which was originally completed by yours truly. Having worked with us before, these homeowners knew they wanted to stick with what works best! They recently had siding done to the home but no visible leaks or other problems to the roof. Prior to connecting with us, they had been considering a replacement for about a week and knew they wanted to get 30-year shingles moving forward. 

During COVID-19, we offered virtual appointments, but they preferred to meet in person. With the appropriate safety precautions in place, PPE, and social distancing, we were able to meet with the homeowners and assist them with all of their roofing and home improvement needs, including the gutter screens. Being a repeat customer, we were able to help guide her towards the financial route that best worked with her current situation. This photo features the Owens Corning “Onyx Black” colored shingle. 

Two-Story Home With Brand New Roof Replacement In Katy, TX!

3003 Chadell Point Lane completedSMALL

This stunning two-story home had an original shingled roof aged at roughly 15 years old with no active leaks or noticeable problem areas. The couple had been considering replacement of the roof only recently and interested in financing options moving forward. With weather monitored around the clock, we were able to schedule a roof replacement for this home finally after a few tries given a day that had zero chances of rain. During the coronavirus pandemic, we were very cautious throughout the entire process. We maintained our social distancing and had our PPE gear at all times. This home in Katy, Texas features the Owens Corning “Driftwood” colored shingle.

New Roof Replacement Completed For Single-Story Home In Houston, TX!

5239 Beechnut Street completedSMALL

We came across this single-story home that had a roof aged at more than 20 years, with a homeowner that was looking to move forward as soon as possible given the right opportunity. Although it had no noticeable leaks to the aged roof, you could still clearly see it was an original. After a thorough inspection, we were able to find hail damage with dings on the metals and markings on the shingles. Having price and quality be the two most important things to this homeowner, we were able to reach an agreement and move forward on helping the insurance process, filing a claim, meeting with the adjuster, and obtaining the HOA's approval for this brand new roof replacement. This home showcases the Owens Corning "Driftwood" colored shingle.