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How We’ve Become Houston’s Best Roofing Company

Since 1976, Amstill Roofing has been serving Houston homeowners with exceptional roofing service. Our goal is to continue to strive for this excellence every day with every roof. Over the past number of decades, our Houston roofing company has continued to achieve excellence and has been acknowledged constantly by various accrediting companies.


Amstill Roofing has achieved the highest grade with the Better Business Bureau with an A+. The BBB has continued to remain the most trusted source for consumers to find out about businesses, and we are happy to show that we are more than approved by the BBB.

Along with an A+ rating with the BBB, here are some more of our accolades:

  • CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster: This certification requires meeting certain standards as well as abiding by a code of ethics.
  • Owens Corning Certified Preferred Contractor: This certification ensures we meet certain criteria, like being in business for at least three years (Amstill has been in business more than 14-times that amount), not experienced any adverse legal action, attaining required credit standards (passing the Dun and Bradstreet credit analysis), and good professional reputation and customer references.
  • GAF Certified Roofer: We are proud to be certified by GAF, one of the most well-known roofing-related businesses in the industry. We continue to meet and surpass their standards.
  • TAMKO Certified Roofer TAMKO is another incredibly well-known roofing business and their certification and recognition of Amstill is further proof of our dedication to all of our Houston clients.
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award: Amstill Roofing has also been a continual Super Service Award recipient.


If you are looking for a Houston roofer you can trust, then contact Amstill Roofing today and schedule a time for one of our expert roofers to come to your house and conduct a free roof inspection. We look forward to earning your trust and your business.

Houston roofing company prepared to maintain roofs for cold front.

Is Houston’s Cold Front Giving You a Chilly Roof?

You’ve probably noticed the cold front that recently came through Houston. Then again, how could you not? Houstonians prefer the heat, or at least anything but the cold. If you noticed that your home was having a difficult time staying warm regardless of the heater being on, then you may have issues with your roof.

When a roof has cracks, missing shingles, or other problems, then air can easily get into the roof’s structure. This makes it more difficult for a home to remain warm or cold, depending on the weather conditions. This issue can cause energy bills to dramatically increase. It can also lead to further problems in the roof. Either way, the costs of not maintaining your roof can be much higher than you would expect.

If this cold weather is a nuisance to you, it could still benefit you in the short- and long-term.


At Amstill Roofing, our Houston professional roofers conduct free roof inspections to make certain your roof is in proper working condition. We also inform you of just how much life is left in your roof. Roof shingles provide tell-tell signs of how much longer than can be expected to last.

We check for weak spots in the roof. Taking care of these areas can ensure further problems won’t take place, like rotting or collapse, which can be very costly. Areas that have cracks aren’t just bad for energy bills; they are bad for the interior of the roof. Rain can easily seep into the roof and create mold and cause the sheetrock of the ceiling to cave in. Correcting these Houston roofing issues early is the best course of action.


If you are experiencing an unexpected increase in energy bills, then you should consider getting your roof inspected. Contact Amstill Roofing today and let us maintain your roof.

Houston roofing company provides roof repairs and free roof inspections.

Is Your Houston Roof Ready for April Showers?

The weather in Houston has been fantastic as of late, but the month of April is known for rain. Heavy rains can cause substantial damage to the interior of your roof, especially if there are any cracks or missing shingles.

At Amstill Roofing, we recommend receiving a free roof inspection from our roofing company. Our professional inspector will conduct a thorough examination of your roof to ensure that every inch of your roof is in good working order. This means checking the life of your shingles, checking for weak or soft spots along the roof, and for cracks or breaks in the structure.

After this free roof inspection, our inspector will provide you with detail information about the state of your roof. If there is nothing wrong with your roof, then we’ll let you know. Even when the roof is in good condition, the shingles still have only so long of a lifespan. We’ll let you know about how long you should expect your shingles to last.


These inspections are a huge asset for your pocketbook because you will be able to catch problems early before they become severe and more expensive. Catching problems in your roof early ensures that only minor roof repairs are necessary instead of major roof repairs or even roof replacements. Letting the condition of your roof go is like anything else, even the human, it won’t heal on its own. There is no self-correction with roof issues. These are problems that should be addressed quickly.

Don’t let small problems increase in severity. Take care of those missing shingles. Take care of those linear cracks. The last you need is for the roofing problem to create an attic or ceiling problem.


Contact our Houston roofing professionals today. Most roofing issues are covered by home insurance. If you want your insurance adjustor to check your roof as well, one of our roofing experts can join them. We’ll make certain nothing gets missed.

To protect your roof, call Amstill. We look forward to hearing from you and protecting your roof from the April showers and types of weather conditions Houston brings.

April showers in Houston can cause roof damage.

Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Houston Roof

As the saying goes, “April showers brings May flowers.” We all know how much rain Houston can get at times, and since April is only a few days away, our expert roofers are gearing for taking care of any roof repairs you may need.

Heavy rains can easily seep into the interior of a home if there are cracks in the roof. Rain can also be problematic if there are any missing shingles. This is why it is very important to contact Amstill Roofing and request a free roof inspection.

A free roof inspection is just one of the many excellent services our roofing company provides for Houstonians. Our primary goal is to protect every customer’s house from the threat of inclement weather.


Spring is a rather mild time for Houston weather. It is a perfect time to get a roof inspection from Amstill Roofing, just to check to see if there are any problems with your roof. This is to ensure that if there are small problems, they don’t worsen over time and become an expensive problem.

A roof inspection from Amstill ensures that one of our experienced roofers comes to your home and surveys every section of your roof. We check the age of the shingles, as well as any spots where there might be missing shingles. We also check for weak spots in the roof, or cracks where rain can get in. Weak spots can stem from piled leaves remaining in one spot too long and rotting. This can create rot in your shingles and beneath the shingles.


No one likes to use their emergency fund, especially on something that could have been avoided. A free roof inspection is the perfect way to avoid high expenditures for your roof. It allows us to catch things that could become a big problem for you financially. Catching issues in your Houston roof early can save you money. Also, when you are trying to protect your roof from further damage, home insurance companies will most likely pay for much, if not all, of the roof repair.


Don’t wait until something bad happens to your roof. Contact Amstill Roofing today for a free roof inspection. We will work with your insurance company, as well as attend their survey of your roof to ensure they don’t miss anything. We look forward to making sure those April showers roll right off of your roof.

Amstill Roofing trucks working on Houston home.

Why We’re Houston’s Best Roofer

Everyone wants to claim to be the best in their industry, but most can’t because they can’t back it up. At Amstill Roofing, we know we are the best roofing company in Houston because we have proven it since 1974.

We take pride in our work and we take pride in knowing our roofers are specialists. They understand the meaning of high quality work, which includes doing a great job in a timely manner.


There are countless reasons why we’re Houston top roofer. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • EXPERIENCE: As we mentioned before, we’ve been in business since 1974, so we’ve been doing this for quite some time. At our family business, we understand Houston’s crazy weather patterns and we also know what the humidity can do to roofs. When Houston homeowners ask us questions, we have answers. We bring all of our industry knowledge to every home.
  • TRUST: Since we’ve been roofing for more than 40 years, we’ve gotten to know Houstonians pretty well. Our customers trust us because we’ve been here through the good and the bad times. They know that if they ever have a problem with their roof, they can call us and we’ll be there. At Amstill Roofing, we don’t just build roofs for our customers. We build relationships too.
  • QUALITY WORK: Our experience and the trust we’ve built all collates into one thing: quality work. Our experience has led us to ensuring we use the best roofing materials, like top of the line shingles, and the best roofing techniques. This ensures that we are able to provide every customer with the very best roof in a timely manner. By using the best materials and techniques, we also ensure our customers have a roof that will last.


If you need a new roof, contact our Houston roofing company today. We promise to provide you only the best service with the best roofing materials. Let us earn your trust and begin building a relationship with you today.

Old composite shingles roof with damage Houston

Beautiful Weather Deserves a New Roof

Spring is only a couple weeks away, which means two things: pollen and beautiful weather. Let’s focus on the latter. And speaking of latters (or ladders), it’s time to get on top of your roof and see if it’s time for a Houston roof replacement. We aren’t suggesting you personally climb to the top of your roof. Let our roofing professionals take care of that.

Our roof experts will conduct a complete and free roof inspection to gauge the health of your roof. If your shingles are nearing the 20-year anniversary, then chances are you need new shingles. This is what we call a roof replacement. Hopefully the only problems with your old roof are old shingles. But there could be other issues, like breaks or cracks in the structure of your roof. If this is the case, then water can seep into your attic, causing some major issues that could result in interior damage and high costs.


For the moment, the weather looks to normalize. During the month of March, most of the days should be quite pleasant. Now is the time to schedule a roof replacement.

Our Amstill Roofing contractors have been performing roof replacements and roof repairs since 1974 and have installing roofs down to a science. Most of our roof replacements are conducted in one day, with the rare exceptions of two days at most. Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your roof, but also with our service. We always perform our work at the highest level of professionalism and in a very timely manner.


If your home is in need of a roof replacement, then contact our Houston roofing company today. We look forward to providing you with a spectacular roof for the long term.

Spring break is the perfect time for roofing work in Houston.

Avoid Roofing Construction with Spring Break

While the kids are away on their spring break, you can have the house all to yourself. Or you can have our roofers come to your home and begin their work while the house is empty. We promise to take care of your home in no more than two days. Almost all of our roofing projects are completed in one day.

Spring break in Texas ranges anywhere between March 10-18 or March 17-25. Now is the time to find out when your teenagers and college kids are heading out of town for their spring break trip. Once you find out when they’re leaving, schedule a time for our roofers to come conduct either roof repairs or a roof replacement.


No one likes to hear workers walking on the roof and putting shingles and nails down, but it’s what has to be done in order to complete a brand new roof. Making sure the kids are gone will ensure fewer people will have to deal with the noise. If anything, you can feel free to go on vacation too. We will take care of your home quickly and safely.

We have been building roofs since 1974 and the most trusted roofer in Houston. We have earned the trust of all of our clients and they know we will always do a great job for them, and if anything ever goes wrong, they can always come to our family run business.


Worry-free roofing is what Amstill Roofing specializes in. Regardless of the roofing need, our roofing experts will quickly and professionally take care of any roofing problem, whether that requires a roof replacement or simply a roof repair. Once you come back home from vacation, or the kids come back home, you will come back to a beautiful new roof. Contact our roofing company today and schedule your roof replacement, roof repair, or a free roof inspection.

Amstill Roofing Houston roofer Google reviews.

Amstill Roofing: A Houston Roofer You Can Trust

Houston is a huge and thriving city. We are known for low housing costs, yet beautiful homes. Massive diversity and even greater opportunities. Houston is the best city in the US, hands down. At Amstill Roofing, we love our city and we love our customers.

Our roofing contractor company has been proudly serving the Houston area since 1974. Our roofing is second-to-none because we care deeply about our finished products and our customers. We understand that we have a very important job protecting people and their homes. This past 2017 did more than prove that. During Hurricane Harvey, we were reminded just how much our customers and Houstonians in general rely on us to make certain their roofs are in great working condition.


When looking for a roofing company that you can trust, always seek out a roofing contractor that has been in business and in the area for a long time. There are always fly-by-night roofers who will take your money and do a poor job with your roof repair or roof replacement. Those roofers should not be trusted.

Check our Google reviews and you will see that we have the most reviews and with a 4.9 average rating. This is because we work hard to do a great job and guarantee our work. Every customer receives our very best and we take pride in ensuring that our customers are more than satisfied with their roof.


If you have a roof repair or roof replacement need, then contact our roofing company. We will send one of our roofing experts to conduct a roof inspection to check the health of your roof. We will provide you with a clear and concise report so that you will know what your needs are. We always make certain our clients know what needs to be done for their roof.

Spring Brings the Rain, Protect Your Roof

Technically, spring starts March 20, but in Houston, it always tends to start earlier because it’s always warm here. That being said, we should probably wait to see the outcome since we did have it snow on three separate occasions. BUT let’s go with what we do know about Houston’s spring: rain.

April showers tend to show up a little early. The rain ushers in around March, and that’s not too far away. Before the rain hits, you should consider receiving a roof inspection from Amstill Roofing.

Our Houston roofing professionals have been helping homeowners with their roofs since 1974. One of the reasons why Houstonians love our service is because we provide free roof inspections. We do this because we want to keep every homeowner safe and their home in great condition.


If you have any missing shingles or cracks in the roof, then the coming spring rains are going to be a real problem. Addressing these issues now will ensure you don’t have to pay for expensive and extensive roof repairs.

Our roofing experts will check the condition of your shingles to see if they need to be replaced. The average lifespan of shingles is about 20 years. They will also ensure your framing is still strong and sturdy. Houston is known for crazy weather, so making certain your roof is prepared for anything will ensure you don’t pay hefty costs for letting your roof continually deteriorate.

If our roof inspector finds that you need to have a roof replacement or roof repairs, then contact your homeowner insurance company. The insurance company typically will cover all or most of the expenses of the roof work. Insurance companies pay this because they understand that this is being done to protect the home from major damage.


Now is the time to contact our roofing company. Call our office today and schedule a time for one of our roofing experts to conduct a free roof inspection.

Using a blower to remove leaves from a Houston roof.

Remove Dead Leaves Or Ruin Your Roof

Winter is coming to a close, which means those dead leaves should be completely off the trees. This being said, if those leaves came off your trees, they had to land somewhere. Chances are, a bunch of them landed on your roof.

If you have a bunch of leaves on your roof, don’t trust the wind to knock all of them off. You will probably have to do that yourself. You need to make sure that there aren’t piles of leaves – large or small – left on your roof. These patches or piles of leaves collect water and begin to rot over time. When this happens, it can cause the same effects to your roof. These old wet, rotting dead leaves can create mold and cause your shingles and the wood interior to start to rot.

Wet piles of leaves that have sat for weeks or months can also create weak spots in the roof. If this happens to your roof, then it means the wood framing has become weakened. Soft spots in the roof present rotting, which could lead to collapse in the area.

If your roof has a weak and soft spot, it needs to be repaired quickly. Houston is known for its unpredictable weather. Strong winds commonly pass through our city, which causes debris, like heavy tree limbs, to fly around and hit roofs. If a heavy limb falls on the weakened area of the roof, it could pierce the roof structure causing substantial external and internal damage to the house. Don’t wait for the worst to happen.


We recommend using a strong blower to remove the leaves on your roof. If you aren’t able to get on your roof, which can be risky, we recommend hiring someone to do it for you. Another way to remove the leaves is by using a rake or broom. But the blower, due to not having to make too much of an effort, tends to be safer. Always use a sturdy ladder to reach your roof.

Also, remove the leaves in your gutters. Gutters are known for collecting leaves and limbs and rain water. The combination of the three can negatively impact the ends of the roof. Also, full gutters can become very heavy and can cause unnecessary strain on your roof.


If you have left old leaves on your roof for a significant amount of time, then you should contact our Houston roofing company. Our roofing professionals are able to visit your home and conduct a roof inspection free of charge. We will check to see if there are any weak spots in your roof or possible rotting of shingles or framing.